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NFL Greats Return To Teach The Linemen Skills Over All

NFL Greats Return To Teach The Linemen Skills Over All


We are pleased to report our affiliation with what should be the Premier High School Football Linemen Camp in the Nation.  For years people have asked where can the big boys get coached up during the off season?  Finally a choice is here that should give any High School Age athlete looking to improve a chance to learn from the very best.

Coming this July 20-22 at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon is “Trench Camp” offered by Football Camps of America.   The camp will feature an environment for learning above all else.  Any athlete that is going into the 9th grade or on their way to college can attend the 3 day immersion camp where they will receive specific instruction on both offensive and defensive line play and the very specific skills needed to succeed in the Trenches.

Any camp is only as good as its instructors.  Many falsely promise scholarships or some magical rise to “elite” status merely by attending.

Not Trench Camp!  We met with an interviewed the man behind the camp and his reputation precedes him as perhaps the most accomplished football player in the Pacific Northwest when you look at the amazing depth of experience he has had.

The man behind Trench Camp is former NFL Offensive Linemen Stan Brock.    He is one of the “Brock Boys” (Willie, Pete, Stan, Ray, Joe),  who many consider to be the first family of Pacific Northwest Football as 4 of them went on to the NFL.  Stan has had an amazing run with the game of Football playing, Coaching, commentating, and managing at just about every level.


Stan Brock is a NW native who was a first round draft pick out of Colorado and played 16 years in the NFL. He is a Jesuit HS Graduate and will lead the Trench Camp venture forward.

“Stan played his high school football at Portland’s Jesuit High School.  As an offensive tackle he was one of the most highly recruited linemen in the country and played his college football at the University of Colorado where he was selected as a First Team All-American in 1979.  He was also chosen to the All Big Eight First Team that year.

In the 1980 NFL draft Stan was selected 12th overall by the New Orleans Saints.

He played 13-seasons with the Saints before finishing his career with the San Diego Chargers.  He was on the 1995 Chargers team that played in Super Bowl XXIX. Stan retired from the NFL after 16-seasons where he missed a total of only 11 games.

Brock then made the leap from player to coach.

He was named the head coach of the AFL’s Portland Forest Dragons in 1997.  He also coached the AFL’s Los Angeles Avengers.

After the AFL, Brock spent 5-years as the offensive line coach at Army, and was named head coach  in 2007, leading the Cadets until 2009.

“We are going to Teach above all else at the Camp.  Only top-level coaches are with us and our focus is on getting the kids that come better,” said Brock.  ”That is Job #1.”

Stan comes back to help the kids of the NW after a stint with a couple of large national camps that left him with the distinct realization something is really missing in the current football camp environment.

Brock continued, “I looked at parents spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on kids as young as 5 asking to have their kid named an MVP because it would help them get a scholarship.  It’s crazy! People have lost focus and I don’t blame them because the Camp situation now is all about Hype and recruiting over any meaningful teaching.  This camp will be the first of many we hope to run with that teaching focus in mind.”

While top recruits are encouraged to attend and Brock admits he wants to teach them he is clear on the point that no kid will be given special treatment or special fees just because they have received attention.  He and his staff are focused on any kid willing to work.  Any player can rise up on their own merits by learning the finer points of Line play.  Everyone will improve and strive to reach their highest potential.

Joining Coach Brock are two lead Coaches who are equally accomplished.   They are Gary Zimmerman and Neil Elshire:

More about Gary Zimmerman:

Pro Football Hall of Famer and 7 Tim Pro-Bowler Gary Zimmerman will bring his expertise to the camp!

“After a stellar career as an offensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos (where he anchored the offensive line that would win Denver its first Super Bowl), Gary was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2008.  Gary is a 7 time Pro Bowl selection and was named to both the 1980’s and 1990’s NFL All-Decade Teams.  Gary was also inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 2002 and played his college football at the University of Oregon.”


More About Neil Elshire:  

Neil Elshire comes to Trench Camp after a career as a defensive end at Oregon and the Minnesota Vikings. He is now a Coach in the Bend area and brings his experience as a D Line player and Coach to the Camp!

“Neil played six seasons as a defensive end with the Minnesota Vikings. Prior to the NFL, Neil attended the University of Oregon and earned All Pac-10 honors as a defensive end. Neil now coaches high school football in Bend, OR.”

The athletes will be in Helmets and Pads and will wear shorts and cleats to camp.  A full schedule of events is available at the Website and registration is now open.  Camp will include some spirited competition as the camp progresses and of course player safety will be a priority too.

Camp Registration is Here

Pricing and All The Info is Here

The cost is $195 for an individual and $175 for a team rate to be arranged through the staff.

Now that folks for a three day hands on intensive teaching camp is going to be amazing.  In all the years we have covered camps and clinics etc. that is perhaps the best overall value we have seen.

Too long have QB and other positions been served by camps and clinics.  Coach Brock, Zimmerman, Elshire, and their staff are doing something very important for the big kids.  We suggest you register as fast as you can!

“We are not going for big numbers.  The quality of the teaching the kids get is all that matters.  Our ratio of coaches to kids will be low so the kids get hands on direct instruction and are not just run through the mill,” said Brock.

The Portland camp is the first of many the group are going  to run through  There can be no doubt this camp will be a unique opportunity for linemen.

The NW Regional Staff for will be in attendance working the camp and will sponsor the camp through scholarships for those truly needy working with Coach Brock and his staff.  Call for more details on that.

If you plan to attend let Dirk Knudsen of and know as they will be at camp and will have a special report on the athletes at the end of camp.

No Hype or False promises here.  Just work getting done and Coaching by men who were once Boys of Fall too.





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