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Zach Floyd Last Monster Standing At Tigard

Specifically the “Three Headed Monster” is a Trio of talented kids all in the Class of 2013 who have powered the Tigard Tigers these past two years plus. Benny Wick, Kaz Greene, and Zach Floyd. All different but all similar in that they can strike at any time from the backfield, slot, WR, or Kick Return spots.

Zach Floyd Last Monster Standing At Tigard

Did you hear the legend of the Three Headed Monster over at Tigard High School?  It has been roaming the OSAA 6A League for three seasons now.  And it has been able to strike whenever it was called upon in the effort to win games.

Specifically the "Three Headed Monster" is a Trio of talented kids all in the Class of 2013 who have powered the Tigard Tigers these past two years plus.  Benny Wick, Kaz Greene, and Zach Floyd.  All different but all similar in that they can strike at any time from the backfield, slot, WR, or Kick Return spots.  And they are all Human Highlight reels.

Each kid has had his own special performances and there is rarely a night that they all three do not shine.  So the problem for opposing defenses is that you have to key on all three of them and they are all out there on the field at the same time.  Normally a run oriented team the Tigers have taken to the air a fair amount this season too under the skillful arm of QB Jett Even.

Now a 9-1 the Tigers have scored over 40 points in 8 of the 10 games.  They have scored 86. 76, 48, and 67 points in each game the past 4 weeks.  And those numbers are no joke.  But this week as they prepare for a Second Round Game against Canby who they beat in the season opener 40-13 they are down to just one head left on that now legendary Monster Trio.

Benny Wick went down a couple weeks back with a broken arm.  Last week it was Kaz Greene who went down with a separated shoulder.  Both of them are out for the season.

"It's just me left," said Floyd in reference to the triad.  "I am going to handle a lot more then normal probably but I am ready!"

Floyd is the biggest of the three at 5'9"- and almost 180 pounds he is very solid.  His 4.69 Laser 40 was ran last Spring and he is no doubt faster now.  That is a 4.5 Hand Time or faster.  He also Verticals 35" and he threw the Power Ball 37.5 which is awesome for a kid this size.  All of his frame and make up screams explosion and all you have to do now to concur with me is watch his film.  

It just came out and man it is good! Click Here to watch Zach's Highlights So Far This Year!

To date Zach Floyd has over 1,300 yards and 17 TD's rushing.  He has thrown for some too and as a Wildcat QB can do some things pretty special in short yardage.

The really great thing is that his 1,300 yards and 17 TD's came from 120 carries.  So that is almost 11 yards per Carry and he has scored 1 in every 7 times he touches the ball.  That is really the best way to judge this guy!  Dynamic.

In full playoff mode Floyd went for 256 yards and 3 TD"s on only 8 Carries last week against Reynolds.  The Tigers won 67-35 to move on to face Canby this week.

He starts on the defense too.

What about College?  After all most people believe Zach is a great get and a odds on success story at the D-1 Level.

"A lot of contact with schools.  No offers yet but I am ready to land that first one for sure," said Floyd.  "I have to earn that by just playing every single down as hard as I can.  It is amazing to me that HIgh School has come and gone so fast.  It's crazy really."

He wants to savor this time with his guys.  And while he is pained that his two fallen backs will not be on the field with him he says they are with him every time he touches the football.  

Helping Floyd are a host of Tigers including Even, Manu Rasmussen (Slot/DB) and others and these guys play as a unit.  

Junior AJ Hotchkins has made a huge impact this year with his unique combination of size and speed and his crushing blocks.  We cover the kid a couple weeks back.  And with the Three Headed Monster down to One he will get his shot no doubt to make his presence known more then ever.  And believe us when we say he is ready too.

Catch that Story Here!

We wish Coach Craig Ruecker and his terrific Tigers and the Canby Cougars a really great week and a safe game.

To all of our kids still fighting it out in the playoffs this year we want you to enjoy and stay safe!  Make those memories guys.


Zach Floyd has made play after play this season for the Tigard Tigers and is the full package of skill and speed. Now He leads the squad into Round 2 of the OSAA 6A PLayoffs!

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