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Shane Bowman Another Bellevue Big Man On The Rise

In a series we are writing on these amazing Boys from Bellevue we now jump to a kid who flat out dominated in 2012. Junior Shane Bowman was unstoppable from his Defensive End position and can clearly play Tight End as well. He had 15 Sacks and 23 tackles for loss among his myriad of top plays.

Shane Bowman Another Bellevue Big Man On The Rise

Every year the Bellevue Wolverines are a deep and talented team.   The 10 time State Champions in Washington's 3A Division have put together one of the finest High School Football programs ever in US History.  And they show no signs of stopping.

Shane Bowman is a Rising Star along the defensive line for Bellevue and is gaining some real attention as Winter has moved along.

Shane Bowman is a Rising Star along the defensive line for Bellevue and is gaining some real attention as Winter has moved along.

The 2013 team is looking to be just as tough as the 2012 team.  While All American Myles Jack has moved on to UCLA and guys like Sean Constantine (UW) and Michael Carlson (UCLA) have too the cupboards are still very full.

Earlier this week we covered Marcus Griffin and Henry Roberts and the offers these two fine linemen have going.  Griffin the 2014 D-Linemen has a WSU offer so far and Roberts the 2015 O-Linemen has a UW offer.

In a series we are writing on these amazing Boys from Bellevue we now jump to a kid who flat out dominated in 2012.  Junior Shane Bowman was unstoppable from his Defensive End position and can clearly play Tight End as well.   He had 15 Sacks and 23 tackles for loss among his myriad of top plays.

The 6'4"-230 lb hard charger was so effective on the blitz and in run and pass coverage last year that his name is quickly moving up lists all over the West.   We caught up to Bowman to check in with him and how he is doing.  Join us as we take young Mr Bowman for a spin on the 2 minute Drill!

Shane Bowman
School and Class:
Bellevue High School Class of 2014
Phone and EMail
On Request
Height - Weight- Speed - Strength
Height - 6'4 - weight - 232 lbs. 40 4.68, Bench 330 lbs., Squat 475 lbs., Dead Lift 500 lbs., Vertical 32 inches.
ON: Is there any recent news on the Collegiate front? Have you been contacted by any schools via phone, em,ail, mail, text, or Facebook etc?
Emailed/Mail/Facebook - Arizona State, Utah, Wisconsin, Boise State, Washington State, Colorado State, Oregon State, Missouri, Michigan, Georgia Tech, UCLA, etc.
ON: How is the Season Going so far for you and the Team?
We won State - our first team defense allowed 31 points the entire season. We gave up 1 rushing TD the entire season. I had 15 sacks and my primary responsibility was to keep contain, stop the run and keep the linebackers free.
What Position(s) are you playing this season?
Strong Side Defensive End and Outside Linebacker. Offensively - TE
ON: Are you happy with your progress?
I'm never satisfied with my performance - I will never stop working to improve. I am concentrating on gaining size, speed, lateral movement, and strength. I am working my pass rush skills and defensive line skills 4x per week. I am focusing on defensive line skills - period.
On: What is your favorite part of the Football season?
Working with my team to constantly strive to get better - we are brothers.
In a year from now what do you want to look back on and remember about this season that is just ahead?
Winning a State Championship - Be defensive player of the year and a sack goal of 23!
Name some guys who you have been impressed with on your team? Any surprises or young guys standing out?
Budda Baker is one of my best friends and is the best player in the country. Marcus Griffin is a brother and a beast on the D Line. We work together and continue to push each other and compete. Henry Roberts is like my big little brother with a great work ethic and huge upside. Timmy Haehl is another on of my best friends who is extremely athletic and is the most competitive person I know. My brother Ryan Bowman is a kid who works harder than anyone in his grade and we keep each other accountable to reach our goals. He is extremely fast and a nasty hitter.
ON: Why should a college recruit you when there are so many kids out there? What sets you apart?
I go to work - I have always been undersized and played much bigger opponents - I have never been the kid who weighs 280 and plays guys that are 200 lbs - I have the heart, height, frame, speed, athletic ability and tenacity to be a premier player. I identify my weakness as well as my strengths so I can continue to get better. I am open minded and want to keep learning. I have gained 50 to 60 lbs while in high school - all through hours in the weight room and commitment to nutrition. I have gotten faster by working on my explosive power and strength while gaining size. Nobody is going to out work me. 

Other Things to know:

Shane has been working with Chuck Smith from the Falcons on his technique and says that in the sessions with Chuck he was able to add so many tools to his bag of weapons that he can not wait to use them.   Shane and his brother Ryan (2016) went to Atlanta and spent a week doing two a days with him.   The result is going to be amazing we think.

"I wish I would have had these techniques sooner.  Chuck is so advanced and very few people are lucky enough to have a chance to work with him.  I can not say enough good things about him and his teaching,"  said Bowman who is so focused and pumped up for this season.

As he recruiting world evolves we continue to report to you what we see and hear.  Combines and Showcase Camps are of little help.  Technique Coaching is.

A simple reminder to you all that is so well pointed out there by Bowman's story:

1:  Grades are #1 always.  Keep your CORE CLASS GPA up to the NCAA required standards.

2:  Physical size, speed, and ability are always a huge factor in moving on to college.  Schools are looking for certain prototypical biological standards.  Some of this you can control and some you can not.  But Speed, Agility, and Quickness along with strength training are always huge in terms of the athletes being recruited to college.

3:  Specific Technical skills are crucial to develop.  Make sure if your going to work in the off season on positional skills you seek out the best coaches you can find.  In your Region or out side your Region this is a crucial factor to moving on.

4:  Have your best 3-4 minutes of Film ready to share on HUDL and YOU TUBE.  Have a good basic sheet like a resume available about yourself to get to College Coaches and Major Media Writers and Analysts.

5:  Show Case Camps and Combines have proliferated all over the world and they are almost all $$$ Grabs.  If your going to a camp or combine first ask yourself: 

  • Who is running it?  Are they credible? Are their events safe?  Are they a paid recruiting service looking to cash in?
  • What is the camp about?  You do not want to get to a 7 on 7 and find out it is an out of control dangerous situation.  And if your going to be expected to test in a Combine your better be ready because a bad day can hurt your chances.  The "What" of the event is necessary to determine if you should even go.
  • When:  Can you get to the event without taking away from your school and your focus?  Those things should be on school and your team most of the year.
  • Where is the event?  Would you fly out to a camp and find out it is at a poorly maintained field in an area you sure would not want to be on a regular day?  Is there a college or school involved with a bad history?  Look at these factors.
  • and the most important question-  WHY?  Ask yourself and your parents/family.  Why am I going?  Is it because everyone else is?  Is there any benefits?  Is it because your ego is involved?  Or is someone making false statements and telling you what you want to hear to get you to open your wallet.     The Reality is that College Coaches do not really care what happens at these camps.  The Camp they want to see you at is their camp at their College or University.  If your short on funds, which we all are,  that is where you should put your energy- get to College Camps and Junior Days and Visit them.  This is a 1-1 process.  The reasons WHY you would want to go to a camp would specifically be 1)  IF college coaches are at the camp and or 2) If National Media Outlets are there covering the Camp such as Rivals, Scout, ESPN.  These credible Networks dominate the discussions over who is capable of being collegiate level players.  If #1 or #2 do not apply consider yourself warned.  It is probably a wasted trip and a distraction.

These things we continue to preach and we continue to get notices of thanks and appreciation from Coaches and families across the Nation.  The formula works.  If you do the things above your probably going to make it to the place your meant to be at the college level.  The proof is in the hundreds of kids we have seen apply these same techniques and make it.

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble, Stay Focused!

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 15 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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