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Remick Kawawaki Beats Injuries And Lands Dream College

Remick Kawawaki Beats Injuries And Lands Dream College

Remick Kawawaki 980

Yale.    Established in 1718 in New Haven, Connecticut.   The 3rd oldest University in the US.   Their 17.9 Billion dollar endowment makes them the 2nd richest school in the Nation.   5 US Presidents, 49 Nobel Laureates, and 19 Supreme Court Justices.   Power, Influence,  Prestige.

And yes Football.  In fact some of the very very early beginnings of the sport itself can be traced there.

And now it will be the home of Remick Kawawaki of Columbia River High School in Vancouver, Washington.

The 6’1″- 220 pound speedster had a break out Sophomore and partial Junior Year before he had injuries.  That stopped him from dominating in the off season.  But the RB/Athlete Safety would not relent.

He had an amazing Senior Year on what we can say is not the deepest team.

With several suitors from the Big Sky and some D1 schools wanting his services he looked hard at all his options.  He is taking college courses now and preparing for his future.  When Yale came around and he saw the life changing aspects of that he made his move.

“The visitation we did was all I needed to see.  The place is awe inspiring,” said Remick.

We asked him why Yale.

” Aside from winning Ivy League championships I am stoked to get the best education I can and meet some of the brightest professors in my field.   I’m a nerd and I get excited about the academic part for sure haha,” added Kawawaki.

Your looking at a kid who is so bright that he figured out that football is a game and that Yale is about a lifetime of potential success like no other.

This big kid is agile, fast, and he can HIT!   He is Hawaiian and brings with him that love of the game and fire only found in the boys of Pele’.    What Yale is getting they do not even know yet.  He is a Blue Chip kid in every sense of the word!

Awesome result for a kid who battled his way back his Senior Year,  resisted the calls and urges to move to a “Bigger Program”,  and fought it out in the trenches with the Columbia River Squad who ended up having a pretty darn good season all and all.


Catch Remicks Film Here


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