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Recruiting Tips: What You Should Know

Hey Everyone;
After doing this for many years I want to give you some advice based on my perspective.  This is not recruiting advice aimed at your situation in particular but rather input I would give to anyone.
Recruiting is a world to itself.
Many people will ask you to just pay them a FEW Hundred or a FEW THOUSAND Dollars.
Personally I see that as being unnecessary and not worth the money.
It is also an area that allows the  “Street Agent” and sort of the sleezy types into your life.
I have seen much more of the bad then the good and that is because when there is money involved it tends to cloud what people do and why.
You might want to try some of the tools below if you want to take this recruiting monster by the horns and work with parents and coaches to get the best result possible.
This might be a game changer for you; I can vouch for this tools that will help you, empower you, and give you control over your destiny.  As it should be.
Costs very little and this will be a big help.

#1: Get the Recruiting Package from for as little as $47 and you will have all you need to help you make it to college and this will put you in control of the process.
#2:   We will also refer you to a partner site at College Coaches Online.
You will get all of the schools in the US on a CD and every Coaches name and email address and that will allow you to put together quite a plan of attack!  This is the only NCAA Approved list in the country and they are charged with and given access to the data base to allow you as student athletes to get their info.

Has anyone else ever given you this info?  Probably not because they use this as their secret weapon.

You need this!!!
Get the list at a really low cost.
When you buy their product you have access to all of the schools in America.
Once you have that and/or the info in Recruit-Me you should be sending out anywhere from 20-50 packets.  You will learn how to create all of what you need using this system.
#3: Go to and sign up a FREE ACCOUNT.  This will allow you to build a terrific web page for you/your athlete.
Once you have that done you will see that you have a fully interactive web page with all your information, film, pics, news, contact info, and more.  We have coaches using this system and it is working for guys.
Here is one example of one of our  NW athletes who used this.
This is what I would tell anyone.
Let us say it Again! We are opposed to paying anything for recruiting but after seeing parents spend thousands of dollars on big recruiting services we had to do something.
These three tools will save you thousands and allow you to take control.
We are all about empowering people.  This is how that can happen for you guys.
Feel free to share this with others.
If you need additional help or wish to be included in any of our Athlete Watch Lists we have all of that information for you as well.


It is #1 in our book and that and hard work and you can not go wrong.  Film will tell the story of your athlete to Coaches all over the Country.  It is the most important thing.  If you need any help with a referral to the best companies that do film please let me know.

As always you may call us anytime for further help!
503-799-8383 and ask for Dirk Knudsen

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