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Top NW Prospects 2014

EDITORS NOTE:  Here at NWPR we take data we have collected as the most experienced analysts in the Region and through our sites we run ( and and create prospect lists.  A few years ago we decided after working with some of the top college coaches in the country and several NFL greats that lists can not be intelligently put into a numbered order.   What we learned is that there is no #1 recruit.  Many of those top guys have been a Bust in College for a number of reasons.  

So we turned to putting out lists of the athletes who have worked hard enough to have shown the potential to move on.   The lists are designed to give colleges and media types a place to review our Top NW Talent.   What we know is that a #1 or #15 or #27 kid to College A is different then then those that Colege B has.  NO ONE SHOULD EVER PRESUME TO ANNOINT A KID #1 etc .    This number rating is an EGO thing and athletes and kids need to stay away from all of that.  

A 15-18 year old kid can not handle that sort of thing.  This year alone we have seen more then 1 top rated kid have "off field issues" leading to expulsion or time away from the team.  No doubt being put on a pedestal is not helpful.

One out of 100 kids who step onto a High School Field will move on to college and we have been here building this momentum the NW has now for 8 years.  Any kid who is deserving may be added to our lists.


With that said here is our Prospect Watch Lists for 2014 For The Pacific Northwest Region

WASHINGTON 2014 Prospect List Click Here



WE KNOW WE FORGOT PEOPLE.  This list is the most complete and the only 2014 List Released and it took hours of time and research plus travel all over the NW!  We hope you enjoy and that you will all add people as needed by filling out this very simple list below.  Thanks and these lists are now being sent for Free all over the Country to ever collegiate program in the Nation!  

Man what a great group of Juniors again this season!

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