WAR Room 2013 – Here We Go Again!

The War Room 980

Every year we do this or we try.   To keep up with the growing numbers of athletes moving from the Prep Football Ranks into the Collegiate ranks on scholarships.  The increase in the number of kids making it has been astounding!  In the 8 years we have been at this task we have seen the numbers increase by as much as 400%.  Our goals have been met.  Tell the story of these top teams and players and get them to college.  As the first group to ever do this our guys at OregonPreps.com and WashingtonPreps.com are to be commended.   Now approaching 4,500 stories and write ups the wave of talent is crashing over the Rockies and making it all the way to the East Coast!

Again in case your just tuning in there is no Rankings.   No “Elite” status exists that you can obtain here at NWPR and our sites at Rivals.   No one can put a number on a kid really.  So we don’t.  The talent works itself out ever year.  College Coaches keep telling us they are Sick of the HYPE.  They want to see real talent live and film and a passing transcript.  The rest they seem to figure out.  Even if no one is pushing a kid under their nose.

So having said that here is part 1 of the War Room for Oregon and Washington.    We will add another dozen or so everyday to join us.  And PLEASE SEND IN YOUR NEWS AND KIDS TO ADD!    Simple Fill in the form below!

Northwest Prospect Athlete News: Here Is The Latest!

Ok the fastest Way to share some news with our readers is to submit it! Tell us your story, use good grammar, and your best writing style. This will go live after we approve it so show some class, some style, and get the best information across!
  • Give Your Story a Snazzy or Catchy Title! Do not worry. We will fix it if we do not like it!
  • Tell us what happened, what the news is, and what you want to let our thousands of readers know. Again do your best! Nothing will go up without our approval!
  • This is important! We need a good picture. Not a great one (Unless you have it) and not a terrible one! Just upload something that helps us tell the story for you!
  • What is the best way to reach you for a follow up Interview? We like to confirm this!
  • We need an email for you or someone related to the story!
  • Again this is the way the game is played. If you have a Hudl or Preferable a You Tube Film Link put it here!
  • Before your submit this form just let us know what else is going through your mind, give us a Quote here for your story, a shout out to a Coach or a Team Mate you want to give credit to! Whatever. Go ahead.. speak your mind and spill your guts!

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