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Camps of all kinds are popping up everywhere and every year there are more and more of them.  The key is to separate the good from the average.  The recruiting game has changed so what used to apply does not necessarily carry that same weight any longer.

Because we have been doing this Prep Reporting and Coverage for about a decade now we have seen the good and the bad.  Should you attend these events?

Yes…. if you can afford it try one or all.  If you can not get to what you can.  Some Combines and Camps are free.   Some can be $120 to $150 dollars or more.  College Summer Camps can be free and specialty camps can run into the $750 dollar range.

Just make sure not to let anyone sell you Dreams…because some will try.  Nobody but you and your talent and hard work in school can get you to college as an athlete.

The Combine and Camps schedules is starting to solidify.  So far here are the 2011 events all of you should try and get to. and will be there at these camps.

We will cover you if you let us know you are going.  Call Dirk at 503-799-8383.



Check Back for Basketball and other events Coming up

Now a Word of advice for Football: Should you skip a College Full Contact camp and go to a combine or specialty camp?  Well most of the college camps will be starting in the middle of June.  If the college camp is at a school where you are really “feeling the love” as we, letters, phone calls… then you probably want to go to their camp and skip the combines.

This is your choice.

For the most part I hope you are all planning to attend 2 or more Camps for one day each.

This is the best strategy in my view as coaches can not attend these showcase and combine events.   Therefore your best shot to get an offer before the season starts in to go to a colleges camp.  I think 3- 5 events total is a good number and make sure you are going to camps where you fit in.  Big schools with records like Oregon and USC are very picky and hard to get offers from.

If they have not told you they are hot on you it would make more sense to go to WSU or Portland State then to go to Oregon.  That is one example.  But however you do it one of the ways kids get offers over other kids is by planning a busy schedule of camps and combines in the off season.



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