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Friday Night’s Best Oregon- Players Of The Week #10

There were some HUGE efforts Friday and it is not even clear what more can be done. The Friday Night Lights and Player Of The Week #10 for Oregon is up!

Friday Night’s Best Oregon- Players Of The Week #10


Can you believe the regular season is over?    There were Play-In and Cross Over games all over the Northwest.  Many of our best kids said goodbye and many went on to live out the Football Life for one more week.  Brackets are all being formed and this is the time of year that we celebrate the second season.  So let's all celebrate Week 10 and look at some of the best of the best!

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Oregon's –

Player Of The Week


Kraig Pruett- JUNIOR- Waldport High School



It has been a year for Records.  And this young man form the Oregon Coast wrote his name into the book forever by having the All Time Best #1 Performance for High School Kids.  He went for 456 Yards on only 18 catches, Scored 4 TD's and Averaged 25.33 Yards per catch!  WOW this kid can play.  He has over 1500 yards on the season.  He also averaged 155 Yards per game this season which is 2nd All Time Nationally!



Week 10 Players Of The Week- Friday Night's Best: Oregon

  • Kimane Domena- Roosevelt Soph QB-  The Magic Man went for another 300 yards plus.   203 Yards Passing and 3 TD"s and 177 Yards Rushing and 1 TD.   He has now gone past 2500 yards and 35 TD's of total offense and he is a 10th grader!  WOW!
  • Tanner Sanders- Crescent Valley QB- 15-20 Passing and the kid went 313 Yards passing for two tds, rushing for 2 TD's and receiving for another.  5 TD's in a do it all performance!
  • Mitch Reese- Churchill HS-  The 6'3"- 205 Pound QB went off in a managed style throwing for 3 TD's and 135 Yards and rushing for another 65 yards.  He managed the game and the clock and kept his cool against Milwaukie in a game that was a brawl!  41-20 Churchill
  • Kendrick Bourne- Milwaukie Mustangs.  The kid went off for 2 TD's and 200 yards in an aerial assault that he made his signature this season.  Moreover was his smile and interview he did with us after a tough loss.  He is moving on to college and knows  it.  Great kid.
  • Jake Leary (Milwaukie) Will Dawson and Skyler Phillips (Churchill):  Linemen.  In the game three of Oregon's Premier guys battled in out.  Both sides of the ball these guys went at it play after play.  Dawson was a rising star.  Leary was as good as we have seen and Phillips moved guys around like rag dolls.  No wonder the Beavers Love him enough to pay for his college.
  • Gavin Cowles- Churchill LB-  The kid came in to the playoffs 6'3"-220 pounds and flew all over the field.  He was in on no less then 20 tackles and had some big runs as a Jumbo Back.  Remember his name!
  • TJ Fisher- Waldport QB- 23-44 for 548 yards passing!  Not to darn bad!
  • Dan Sherrell- Clackamas-  The kid is amazing.  He keeps getting in done at the tail back spot.  He nailed 302 yards in the win and two TD's to power the Cavaliers over North Medford 49-28 and to get them seeded into the playoffs.
  • Jacob Short- Junior- Westview HS-  7 TD's and 142 Yards from the RB spot to held the Cats pound Hillsboro.  This was a big win and moves them into the Playoffs this week!
  • Cottage Grove HS Defense-  The boys pounced on Mazama HS for the big win by holding the Vikings to 1-21 passing grabbing 4 Interceptions.  The Lions are for real folks.
  • West Linn Team-  So the Lions won convincingly over McKay of Salem and despite fighting injuries and more they are in the Playoffs again this year!  Hayden Coppedge is the real deal too.  Nice Arm in this 61-27 Win!
  • Kyle Eckrosh - Beaverton HS QB-  The Beavers of the Metro League are in the Playoffs too.  This was largely due to Kyle refusing to let down.  He is so scrappy and tough!  He went for 4 Passing TD's and managed the field very well.   49-14 win over South Eugene!
  • Mountain View-Bend-TEAM:  6 Sacks from the defense and Kyle Ayers led the O with 15 carries for 207 yards and 3 TD's.  The 56-20 win was a team win for sure.
  • Andre Reasno- JR- David Douglas-  The stud athlete posted big plays going for 175 yards rushing and 2 TD"s and he cracked an 88 yard Kick Return for a third score in the 44-21 Win over Newberg.

OK Now it is your turn!  Get your submission now for last weeks best players and games!

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