Micah Breland Focused On Team And Future

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

No one will ever doubt Micah Breland's ability as a player.  The Foster High School stud linebacker is born to play the position and while he could be a fantastic fullback he knows where he belongs.  At 6'1" and 218 pounds he is a natural at pass coverage and at shutting down the run game of opponents.

There is more to the rising Junior then the physical skill set.  He is intelligent, well spoken, and seems capable of inspiring his team mates.  Being a leader is something he prides himself on as much of more then anything else.

"I would rate my #1 strength as leadership.  We have a lot of Pride in each other and if we can just move into a new mindset together I think we can go deep into the playoffs," he said agreeing that there is a mental block on his team regarding some opponents.  

His leadership he feels will help his team and take him far in life.  And we don't doubt it as this guy means business in the classroom and on the field.

"We have to remember to stay humble and work all of the time to improve."

The big time hitter Micah looks for opportunities to shine and says keeping his cool and focusing on the game at hand are things he is going to work really hard on.

"We need to play within the game and not force things or make mistakes," he added.

"Kick offs are my favorite thing.  I am not sure what happens but I am in that zone looking to hit someone," he said admitting he is very good at this part of the game.

This South Sound native is proud to be a 3 Sport athlete and supports his school by playing football, basketball, and is in track right now where he says he is competing in the 200M, 400M, 110 and 300 Meter hurdles.  In his view kids should play as many sports as they can and develop into a complete athlete rather then specialize in one sport.  And it is in this diversity of sports that we find his real strengths as he is still developing and has what we see as a high ceiling as an athlete.

Soon enough he is going to hit the Nike NFTC Camp and some other events and after that he will be heading to the Stanford camp.  Breland plans to hit EWU and PSU too.  He feels he can play with the best of the 2012 recruits but thinks that Portland State could be a great fit as his recent visit left him liking the staff and the school too.

Outside of sports he has an interesting life.  He has written some music and has toyed with the idea of working in that direction; even if it is a dream it is one he has allowed himself to have.

In addition he has shown his maturity and commitment to others by working nearly his entire Summer the past couple of years at the Union Gospel Mission.

"They have me do everything from Cleaning to Coaching and I love it.  Working with the younger kids, especially the inner city kids, is challenging and fun and I relate well to them.  It is rewarding for sure," he concluded.

This young gun is one of the very top Linebackers in the Pacific Northwest and has the right mentality, frame, and skill set to succeed.  Staying humble and working hard are traits of this young man form Tukwila, Washington and he appears to be on the rught track to fully explore his college options.

Here is Micah Breland's film for your review.



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