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Lake Stevens Sophomore Jacob Eason Lands Beavers Pledge

Jacob Eason who is the starting QB for Lake Stevens this year. Jacob Eason is a top QB for 2016 and now has an Offer! According to his father Tony, who

Lake Stevens Sophomore Jacob Eason Lands Beavers Pledge

Lake Stevens football programs is no stranger to talented kids.  And that includes Quarterbacks.  But this may be the first time they have had a young man, only a 10th grader, who has landed an offer from a major football power.  But that appears what has happened for 6'5"- 205 lb Jacob Eason who is the starting QB for Lake Stevens this year.

Jacob Eason is a top QB for 2016 and now has an Offer!

Jacob Eason is a top QB for 2016 and now has an Offer!

According to his father Tony, who played wide receiver in '85 and '86 for Notre Dame, his son has landed an offer to play football from Oregon State University.  How did this happen?

Well a lot happened but in a nut shell it started with hard work and talent on the field.  Jacob has a substantial amount of those things.  His 6'5" frame is not awkward and gangling but polished and smooth.  He flows well and his feet show case an IQ and mobility that most Seniors have not achieved; especially at this age.

The Vikings have played well enough to battle for a share of the League Title and play a really good Edmonds-Woodway team this week.  Jacob has been a big part of that and has some real nice stats to back that up.

Then there is his film.  Ah yes the film!  How many times we have preached on this and Tony did a great job of getting it done.

"Once I got his film done on Hudl it was sent to a few people and one of them was QB Coach Steve Gervais who has worked a ton with Jacob," said Tony.  "He sent it to Oregon State and asked them two watch it."

That was the moment.  Some low level Coach watched it.  And watched it.  And then called in another coach and before long they were all watching it.  And they saw enough to make a decision.  Jacob visited OSU last weekend with his Dad and they had a great time.  Somewhere after the fact a phone call was made and the rest is history.  A verbal offer was made to the gunslinger who shows off quite an arm.  He has a verbal pledge from OSU to come play for them in 2 years.  Not too bad for a young QB!  In fact great.


What a fit that might be.  He is built like a kid named Sean Mannion (6'5"- 220 lbs) who plays for OSU now!  Maybe you have heard of him (Heisman Watch) ?  And he has so many of the same mannerisms.  Maybe those crafty Beavers want to strike gold twice!  And why not.  Eason is a good fit in that offense at OSU.

Whatever his future holds the 3.6 student is enjoying the ride and with playoffs knocking on the door we are leaving him alone.  Time enough for 1-1 interviews after State.

Washington is on him big time.  Stanford is in the mix too!  The kid made waves at the Northwest Elite Football Camp at Mercer Island in June and stood out.  No one even knew he was so young but the Beavers and Huskies were there and took note.  Cole Morgan who helps run the camp remembers the big kid and is not surprised the Beavers moved so fast.  His film is just not deniable.

We congratulate he and his family and team too.  This is a good story tonight all the way around.




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