Devven Ramos A Senior Leader For Kennewick With Purpose

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Friday, November 9th, 2012

The Kennewick Lions Senior running back / line backer Devven Ramos (6'0"-205 ) was named the Mid Columbia Conference’s first ever Most Valuable Player.  This time last year Grant Woods was Kennewick’s star running back and Ramos was still nursing a healing collar bone.

Before he had broken his collarbone, early in the 2011 season, he was Kennewick’s starting running back.  He wouldn't’t be the same that year and there would be whispers of whether or not he could even stay healthy.

Coming into this year Ramos carried a lot of expectations individually. As a team I had them ranked in the top 10 in the State as well as one of the top 3 teams in the MCC.

After a slow start I would be scolded for my predictions that the Lions would finish towards the Top of the League.  I was called bias, told I didn't’t know what I was talking about, and laughed at for doing so.  

The Lions would stay in the hunt for the division crown and would need a win at the end of the regular season against cross town rival Kamiakin in order to do so.

That Friday night Devven Ramos and his Kennewick teammates would make history.  It was the first time the Lions would beat Kamiakin since 2005. This was the first Kennewick team to win a division crown since 1991 and this was the first ever Mid Columbia Conference championship.

Last week Kennewick hosted GSL opponent Shadle Park and their high powered passing attack that features maybe the State’s brightest young Sophomore star; QB Brett Rypien.

Ramos would shine on both sides of the ball.  He would consistently pressure Rypien from his outside linebacker position in Kennewick’s 3-4 defense and he would run for 208 yards and 3TDs.  He would be shelved early in the 4th quarter and Kennewick would cruise to a victory over Shadle Park 38-20.

This last Thursday Devven Ramos was named the Mid Columbia Conference’s 1st ever Most Valuable Player.  He finished the season with 1,648 yards and 15 TDs.  He also led the league in yards per carry with a 6.8 average.

Here is the interview and Q and A with Devven Ramos that I did last night.


Me: “You were just named the MCC MVP. You are the very first in Mid Columbia Conference history. What is your reaction to this honor?”

Devven Ramos: “It is truly is an honor to to have received the MVP award. I know it wouldn't have been possible without all the heart that my team played with this year.   It is a great feeling to be rewarded for all the hard work put in.”

Me: “Injuries have been an issue in the past. Everyone always said Devven is going to be great if….Describe your mind set this year as opposed to last year when you had suffered injuries?”

Devven Ramos: “My mind set hasn't really changed too much. I've always been driven to win and do anything it takes to do so. It was unfortunate to have gone done last year to injuries but I have managed to heal and stay healthy enough to accomplish what I have this year.”

Me: “What specifically did you work on this year in the offseason. Cause first thing I noticed in your practice before season started was the size of your neck. Nobody gets a neck like that unless they are putting up a lot of iron.”

Devven Ramos: “Just a lot of presses and shrugs. It started from rehabbing my collarbone. It really helped improve the strength in my shoulders and neck.”

Me: “Coming into this year the MCC was considered tough. You were going to earn your way to the conference crown. I had you guys towards the top of my rankings but in the early season it seemed like you guys were middle of the road. When do you feel like you hit your stride and when did you know you were the team to beat?”

Devven Ramos: “I feel like our loss to Richland help us make the proper adjustments and after that we really got our rhythm.”

Me: “Throughout your career you have experienced some ups and downs, what has coach Bill Templeton meant to you and what has he said to make a difference in your high school career?”

Devven Ramos: “Having played for coach Templeton for 4 years really gave me an opportunity to learn a lot from him. He has a way of keeping the moral if us players up to give us the confidence to go out and play the way we do. I am thankful to have gotten all that I have in these past 4 years playing for him.”

Me: “I am very active in the youth sports community and all I can hear players and parents talk about is the excitement of watching Devven Ramos. What message would you send to your young fans and any young players aspiring to follow in your footsteps?”

Devven Ramos: “Just to always try your hardest in anything you do. It may sound cliche but it really is true. If you are willing to sacrifice your time and put forth all your effort you will be rewarded for it.”

Me: What was it like to come out with the victory versus not only rival Kamiakin, but also Shadle park?

Devven Ramos: “The two wins over Kamiakin and Shadle were ones hard earned. I can't be satisfied with those wins though. I have to always be focused and looking towards beating the next opponent”

Me: “You guys have won your first conference crown since 1991 and a lot of alum are very excited. What's it like to excite your fan base the way you have?”

Devven Ramos: “It is awesome to give all the Kennewick alum something to be proud of. Our team is continuing to work hard to keep all the positive momentum flowing.”

Me: “What kind of interest are you receiving?”

Devven Ramos: “I am not currently being offered anything but I'm looking forward to getting my name out there and seeing how things turn out.”

Kennewick will face North Thurston this Saturday at 4pm.  You can watch live on the web on

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