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Fife’s Kaleb McGary Gains Huskies On Way To His Big Dream

Kaleb McGary is 6’8″-270 pounds and starting his Junior Year. The offers he has now include Oregon State and University of Washington. That is big for the big man from Fife, Washington!

Fife’s Kaleb McGary Gains Huskies On Way To His Big Dream

It's two down and three to go.  At least if he could live out his dream of dream, the Big Dream that he talked about with us  in January.  That was when when we first let the world know about this incredible Talent that was roaming the passing lanes at John Charles Air One Football Academy.  

We are speaking of Fife High School's 6'8"- 270 pound TE/OT Kaleb McGary.    In our interview in May with Kaleb when we broke the Story How Big Is Big? we went through a series of questions with him.  The unknown prospect at that time did not know why we asked him who his Dream Schools were.  He thought we were messing around a bit when we challenged him to dream Big and tell us his picks.

""Alabama,  LSU, Washington, Boise State,  Stanford, and a few others.  Those schools would be great," he said adding Oregon State into the mix.

We asked because the kid was so high on our Radar by that point that we already knew given our years of experience that he would be able to achieve such lofty goals if he worked hard.

Flash forward to Summer and Kaleb found himself at Oregon State in a small group work out in front of Head Coach Mike Riley and OL Coach Mike Cavanaugh.   He did very well 24 hours later he had his first offer from the Beavers and his world changed forever.  That was one dream realized of the big dream.

After just a few other exposure events Kaleb moved to Fife from Battleground to begin his new life with his new team.   He knew that Boise State and some other schools were watching film and calling Coach Charles and his strength and conditioning Coach Ryan Paul of New Athlete in Vancouver.  And there had been some scuttle butt about other interest.    Then things went quiet.

"Things settled in and we went to work at Fife and just started playing football.  It was busy and recruiting slowed way down," said McGary.  "Until today that is."

What was different about today?  Well Dream #2 of the Big Dream happened.

"Basically there was a message for me to call Coach Sark at the UW.  So I did.  He picked up and within 30 seconds let me know I was being offered a scholarship to be a UW Husky.  It was really special," exuded Kaleb.

His Family are big Husky fans.  That much we already knew so it was a big day in the McGary home.  Taking it all in stride Kaleb said he is not deciding anytime soon but that this was a dream fulfilled.  Part of the Big Dream.  

"I am so psyched to know I could go to College and wear the Purple and Gold!"

And he graciously thanked us for helping tell his story and suggesting back in the Spring that he focus on the schools that would make the difference for him so as to make the best use of his time as a High School prospect.

That's Two Down.   OSU and now UW.

"I really don't have any idea what will be next.  But I do know that I found out a lot about OSU that I love and I am sure I will do the same at the UW now more then ever.  Of course this is so amazing for me and the family.  Truly it is.  And I think Boise State is very interested in me too.  I guess time will tell and I am keeping an Open mind on what can happen next,"  he added still reeling a bit by his big day.

Coach Sark did not indicate a position but Kaleb realizes he is built to but those fingers in the dirt and be an Offensive Linemen.

Fife started off quick this season and nailed some nice wins.  Then League came and things dropped off a bit.  And McGary who is every bit the work horse turned the discussion to getting the Team on track.

"We were not coming out swinging when League started.  It was like we were not going at it 100%.  And we are focused on doing better so we came out and knocked around Steilacoom who was in second place and now we are 3-3.  We have some very good football players.  So we are going to make a run these next 3 games and try for a playoff spot," he added.

Could schools like LSU and Alabama be seriously interested in Kaleb?  Sure.  Boise State?  Most certainly.  But regardless of what happens next he is living in the moment and dreaming the dream and doing it Big.  

Big dreams fitting for a Big man.

We congratulate Kaleb, his family, and the Fife Community for his success and for him becoming such a great student athlete!



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