McGary A 4 Star Prospect With 6 Pac 12 Offers

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013

Kaleb McGary has 6 Pac 12 offers and continues to rise as a 2014 Football Prospect!

Kaleb McGary has 6 Pac 12 offers and continues to rise as a 2014 Football Prospect!

Fife High School stud Kaleb McGary is helping the hoops team battle it out on the hardwood as one of the premier big men in the Seattle-Tacoma Region.  But it is Football that will take him the farthest.  As a leader on our Best of The NW 2014 Prospect List we thought it was time to check in with the big man.

“Basketball is going fine.  We are fighting for a spot in the playoffs and that will sort itself out this week,” he offered.  “And the letters keep coming for football.  It’s been a little quieter but still pretty active.”

The 6’8″- 270 pound fast mover has had quite a year.  His family moved from Amboy, Washington near Vancouver to Fife and that took some getting used to.  Then came the offers after the word spread of his size and skill set.

“I have offers from OSU, UW,  WSU, Utah, Arizona State, and now Oregon,”  he said.  “Coach Steve Greatwood from Oregon was up at our school a while back.  He seems like a pretty cool guy and a great teacher.”

The interest in the big man is rising.  And schools all over the country are interested.

“Florida State sends things once a day at times.   Wisconsin and Nebraska are sending a lot too.  And really there are other like Notre Dame that have shown interest.  Getting out there to see them is all going to be a matter of if we can afford it.”

Schools like these will want Kaleb.  No doubt he is good enough.  But with all the great offers he already has he will have to see if the funds can be raised to go out for visits so far from home.  He is in a pretty darn good position where he does not really have to do that.

“After hoops I will be lifting and making a few Junior days.  Then Summer basketball comes and we go back to work on football too after that,” added Kaleb.  “It’s a grind but I love it.”

The kid is blue-collar, LOVES country music, and is a genuine of a teenager as you will ever find.  He has all the makings of a really really big time Offensive Tackle.  Even if he still wants to be a Tight End!

Kaleb stays in touch on a regular basis and we will keep you all updated as well.

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