There are 4 ways we review athletes here at for inclusion into our systems and subsequent use for publishing and distributing lists all over the Nation!   The prospective college level football prospects are then covered in stories and mentions as well!

Let us tell you the 4 sources  we use and how that works so you understand.  They are as follows!

Source #1 – What We See Live!

Our analysts see athletes compete in games, camps, and clinics.  We take photos and watch our film and believe me when I say we have a keen eye and find the talent when we see it.  Those athletes are added to our database and when we are able to finally see all their film we seek them out for information and eventually add them to our lists for publication.

Source #2- What We Hear from Friends

Coaches and people in our network of NW Football buts send us suggestions and ask us to cover guys when we can find time and We Do!


Under our new system Athlete’s can submit FREE BASIC Info to be considered for addition to the list

Our Free Athlete Profile Covers the Basics!

Our Free Athlete Profile Covers the Basics!



Source #4 – Premier Prospect Profile & Marketing System

In our 10th Year we are now being sought out for information and lots of it on the best kids in the NW.  This Takes us a lot of time to obtain and to track down.  So our experience led us to a point of understanding what truly can work to help High School Football Players make it to College.  And we are pleased to announce our affiliation with *Coach Scott Laigo of ASD who heads up the Premier Prospect System.   We want you to join our growing list of Top Athletes and Rising Athletes here in the Pacific Northwest who are seeking our help!  For just $99 you can join us and together we are going to do all we can to make a positive impact on the outcome for you!

By joining our Premier Prospect Profile system you are getting a lot more then you might imagine!

By joining our Premier Prospect Profile system you are getting a lot more then you might imagine!

The system starts with us setting you up a complete custom Athlete Page which is the Heart of the Premier Profile!  It will have ALL YOUR Contact Info, Film, Twitter, Hudl Links, Facebook Connections, News story links, and more. All the information about you that College Coaches want and need to know.  That and a short Bio and some Expert Commentary by one of our staff and by gosh this becomes the ONLY PLACE your going to want to send Coaches.  Here is what this might look like!

Here is a Full Version for Bothell star Jackson Keimig who joined us in 2014 and within 1 week he had thousands and views and Shares helping him gain exposure big time!

Here is a Full Version for Bothell star Jackson Keimig who joined us in 2014 and within 1 week he had thousands and views and Shares helping him gain exposure big time!

See Jackson’s Premier Prospect Profile Live here – And Share Him and Tweet it out too as we always help each other out here!

Other things we do for our  PPP Athletes?

Film Review and Suggestions to the Athlete and Parents

Subscription to our Monthly E-News Letter On Camps, Happenings, and New Trends to help you!

Inclusion on the Athlete Prospect Data Base Lists (Click Here)

E-Mail Supercharged Marketing to Every Head  College Football Coach In the United States! (This is worth Hundreds +)

Buy The Premier Prospect Marketing

We want you to Join Us!  This is hours of work we do for you at a Nominal Fee!  You will get more value from Us and this system that we know creates Exposure then similar companies who charge $850 or $1250 dollars – or even as much as $4000 dollars!  They say they speak to Coaches about you?  Please.  Coaches talk to anyone credible and we have that down here guys!

NOW IS THE TIME – WE Hope to See you On our lists no matter what you decide!

See below * for the fine print or if you need help or a question to be answered!

Click here to go to a simple page, fill in the data and then your one your way!  JOIN US TODAY!

Click here to go to a simple page, fill in the data and then your one your way! JOIN US TODAY!  WE WANT YOU WITH US IN 2014!



Coach Scott Laigo’s Bio:

Scott has been a long time high school football coach, most recently as the Head Coach at Garfield HS from 02-05. He has served as an assistant coaches at O’Dea his alma mater, Shorewood, Edmonds Woodway, Mountlake Terrace within the Seattle area, and was named the Head Coach at Prairie HS, but had to turn it down for personal reasons. He also served as a student assistant coach at the University of Washington from 93-95 coaching for Coach James and Lambright respectively. Since leaving Garfield, Laigo, has been passionate about a program he started called Academic Sports Development. Helping kids gain access to academic services, sports specific training, and personal development. Recently he has been doing work in providing local, trusted information on the 2016 NCAA changes, “2.3 or take a knee”, while helping student athletes and their families with the recruiting process. He has many relationships within college football at all levels. Washington, Arizona State, Stanford, Utah State, Tulane, Texas A&M, CWU, and South Dakota Schools of the Mines to list a few. Coach brings energy and enthusiasm to his work and is a wealth of knowledge for anyone he crosses paths with!

Coach Scott Laigo (left) seen here with Tony Picard and Coach andy Bush in 2013.

Coach Scott Laigo (left) seen here with Tony Picard and Coach andy Bush in 2013.









Terms and Conditions of the Premier Prospects Profile System – If You Purchase you are agreeing as follows:

 The Premier Prospect program is a program developed for you; led by Coach Scott Laigo of ASD, the PPP allows our staff to review your film, collect links to your social media and news stories, your coaches info and your other profiles on the web, and bring them all together in one super professional presentation that is DESIGNED FOR YOU to use and get recruited. This process will take our staff about 2 hours. Therefore we must charge a one time $99 fee for that. It is out belief that this and the NWPR Exclusive Coaches List email program (which you will be included in) will bring you exposure worth many times what we must charge. Our time alone is barely even covered by this fee. This information will be shared with every Head College Coach in America for Football as well as with top media analysts from and other National sites and services who may use it to call you and complete a profile sheet as well; that is at their discretion. There are no refunds for the purchase you are making and no promises that this will cause you to have any particular success in making it to college nor placement on any of our Top athlete lists. Those are only made on an evaluation of the talent and film once it is reviewed. Nothing can replace grades, athletic ability, and hard work. But this is going to assure you of a great start and that you have our full attention which in the NW is worth much more then the cost we are asking to be covered. If you have a sponsor for the placement who will cover your costs they will receive an ad banner on your profile as long as you are with us as a Premier Prospect.  Call Coach Scott should you have any questions.  This is not a recruiting service but rather a recruiting tool which you are paying for placement in. The Premier Prospect Program is unique to NWPR and a cooperative service of K2 Sports and ASD and it’s trusted affiliates.  Your payment will assure your information as you submit it is placed into the NWPR Database of Prospective Athletes for your class and position. This will include Expert Comments by our staff after review of your stats and film and your information will be listed in the Head College Coaches Mailing we do once per quarter. This does not assure ranking in our Top 10, Top 50, or Top 100. It does include adjustments to your profile 2 times in the calender year after your sign up. This is not a guarantee or a college scholarship- not a recruiting advisory service- but is a subscription to our site for placement in the Premier Prospects database. No refunds are offered after purchase. $99 per year from the date you sign up until you Graduate from High School! Athletes already with offers may be extended a premier prospect placement at a lower or no cost as a way to add benefit to our coaches lists which benefits all parties totally at our discretion. Some athletes with economic hardship verified by a parent or Coach may be extended profiles; all at the discretion of the site administration from K2 Sports /ASD and it’s affiliates.   This is not affiliated with or it’s websites in any way.


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    i am trying to sign up on the premier prospect profile and it comes up as 404 error. Is there another link that i may be able to register for this?
    thank you
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