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Jesuit And Sheldon Battle In Star Studded Playoff

Earlier today we covered the 5A Title Game and some top prospects to have your eyes on in preparation for the Marist VS Sherwood OSAA State Championship game. Then we followed that up with coverage of the first of 2 6A Games by breaking down Tigard and Lake Oswego.

Jesuit And Sheldon Battle In Star Studded Playoff


Earlier today we covered the 5A Title Game and some top prospects to have your eyes on in preparation for the Marist VS Sherwood OSAA State Championship game.  Then we followed that up with coverage of the first of 2 6A Games by breaking down Tigard and Lake Oswego.

Now on the other side of the 6A Bracket is a game everyone has been waiting to see.  Jesuit VS Sheldon.  Two heavy weights going at it with only one of them advancing to the State 6A Championship a week from Saturday.

We covered both of these teams in recent weeks and had a chance to see them both get after it this season more then once.  Let's start by refreshing you on the #1 Sheldon Irish.


Sheldon Irish: 62-28 winner over Southridge





Connor Strahm – 6'1"- 225 Pounds – ATHLETE  – Read Our Earlier Story Here:   The kid dominates.  He is in that small group of special kids who are capable of having the game turn on their actions on both sides of the ball.  Southridge is going to have to neutralize him.  If they do that they can win.  But that to date has not been done.  Now Connor is one talented kid on a team of talented kids.    WATCH STRAHM'S FILM HERE.  He has scored 21 TD's , had two picks, has thrown Touchdowns, and racked up sacks and tackles galore.  He  plays WR / SLOT / TB / QB / LB / Safety and Special Teams.  He holds a few Big Sky offers and we find in impossible that OSU or Boise State will not offer him very soon based on what we see and know is possible here.  Offensive and Defensive Player Of The Year in his League.

Last week:  4TD's in every way you can score and he had to be drug down by multiple Southridge players every time he touched the ball.  His strength was evident.

OFFERS FROM: Portland State – Montana :  Not Committed   Utah, WSU, UW, Oregon, OSU, Boise State all in contact


Taylor Alie- Senior QB- 6'1"-175 –  Alie is not the biggest guy.  And he is not the most flashy guy.  But a finer field general who will get you wins there is not around.  Taylor has thrown 27 TD's and for 2400 yards, and he has run for 300 yards and 5 more scores.  His 67% completion ratio shows his accuracy too.  The kid is a baller and typical for a Sheldon QB.  Efficient and the guy who runs this potent offense.  Watch His Film Here

Almost 425 yards last week and 8 Total TD's.  The kid ram for almost 200 yards and was throwing darts in the rain.  Amazing effort.

No Offers Yet:  


Dylan Lewis – Senior WR – 6'1"- 175 Pounds – Dylan has experience and is a leading WR next to Strahm.  He averages over 15 yards per catch and is a potent weapon.  If you go to sleep on him he will score.  

Last week-  Did an amazing job on offense and defense and special teams too.

No Offers Yet




Ivan Faulhaber – Senior – 6'2"- 215 Pounds –  A stud linebacker and Wide receiver.  he has almost 600 yards and 10 TD's receiving this season.  Out at the WR spot with Lewis and Strahm that makes three big agile targets you have to defend at one time.  Most teams do not have the corners and safeties to get this done.

VERY Impressive Performance especially on defense against Southridge.  A top defender in the State and the sort of kid who will get better and be an Impact player in college.

No Offers Yet



Mitch Lewis – 6'0"- 170 Pounds Senior – RB–  Mitch has had a nice season again and split time at the RB spot with Strahm and others.  He is a kid who has a really High Football IQ and can be called upon i any situation.

Great Game last week.  Adds a nice threat with speed form the backfield and looked good on special teams too.

No Offers Yet



Yadie Dunmore- 5'11"- 180 Pounds-  Junior – RB/DB  Yaddie is fast and can put moves on to bake a cake.  He has 5 TD's out of the back field and is having a very nice season for himself.  Kid is a lot of fun to watch and is already gaining collegiate letters and interest.  Brother Oshay is at Oregon!

Yadie had some big plays last week.  Watch for him in all aspects of the game.  He is truly explosive

No Offers Yet:  Boise State, Nebraska, Cal, Oregon, OSU All Looking at him





James Banks – 6'0" – 225 pounds   James is a fundamental tackler who makes few mistakes.  He leads the Irish from his linebackers spot in tackles and is a transfer from Marist High School.

James had a nice week and held the middle down against a smaller Southridge line.  This week is his time to shine against a much bigger Jesuit Line.

NO Offers Yet



Mitch Herbert- Junior – WR – 6'1"- 170 Pounds-  7 Td's and almost 400 yards receiving.  Another guy who can hurt a team and he is really rising fast as the season has gone along.  All of the speed and agility you want in a top prospect  A tough kid too.

Mitch Looked great last week and will potentially be a Top 10 player next week.

No Offers Yet- OSU, BSU, UTAH, NEVADA, WYOMING And others are monitoring this kid from what we hear.



Mike Ralston- 6'6"- 240 Pounds Senior –  Mike transferred from Jesuit down to Eugene.  Sheldon has perhaps the premier Defensive End in the region in the Senior group.  He is fast and a hell of a leaper.  has 8 sacks and near 40 tackles.  That is a huge kid coming at opposing players.  Has a Big Sky offer.

Mike Scored the opening Touchdown and locked SR down on his side of the field.  He is looking forward to mixing it up with his former team (Jesuit).

OFFERS:  Northern Colorado – Others looking are PSU, Oregon, OSU, EWU, And Washington State.  Most likely a strong side DE



Liam Taltay – Junior 6'3"- 210 Pounds-  A good looking prospect at Linebacker.  75 tackles on the season and he has a nice skill set.  Looks like a big time prospect if he adds some size.  We will be watching him closely this week.

Last Week- Kid is more like 220 and is a big time potential talent.  In that frame running around like that he has a bright future.

NO Offers Yet. 


Henry Asay – Senior Oline- 6'2"- 290 pounds 55 Pancakes and more coming in.  This is one of several top linemen.

Big Powerful kid who is not getting near enough credit.

No Offers Yet.


Tanner Davies – Junior – 6'3"- 265 Pounds Offensive Line –  45 Pancakes on the season and doing a really nice job so far!

Last Week- Most impressive and agile linemen out there last week.  Watch for him against Jesuit where he will have his hands full and his biggest test of the season.

No Offers Yet



Chet Spears-  Senior OL/DL –  6'2"-300 Pounds –  More of a D'linemen then an offensive linemen.  The kid is impossible to move out of the Nose Guard or tackle spot and is a major league run stuffer.  Good at pressuring the QB but more of a 2 gap player who can lead this tough line in shutting down opposing teams.  Chet is a top notch heavy weight wrestler and we think a way under the radar recruit.

Last Week-  He stuffed the run game between the guards and tackles.  Chet is massive but it is his freakish strength that bet him looked at by colleges.  He is fun to watch and will battle these Crusader Bigs well into the night.

No Offer Yet- PSU, EWU, Montana State

Now on to the Crusaders-














Last week the mighty Crusaders made it past Sprague on the Road in Salem beating the Olympians 49-13.   That was a typical game for the Crusaders who despite some miscues were just too stinking talented to lose.  

Let's have a look at some of the Top guys that make this team tick who are garnering some collegiate interest starting with these Seniors:

Doug Brenner- 6'3"- 285 Pounds – OL/DL

Capable of playing FB, TE, DE, and more he seems to be settling in at the Defensive Tackle spot finally.  Doug is someone to be reckoned with and opposing coaches spend a lot of time worrying about what to do with him.  You have to put your best man on this guy.  He is the strongest player in the History of this Program and the first player to ever make the 1300 pound club.

Doug is heading to Oregon Next season on a full ride.

OFFERS:  OREGON COMMIT- Other offers Oregon State, PSU, ARMY, YALE


Andrew Kirkland- 6'6"- 285 Pounds – OT/OG

Andrew is a prototype Pac 12 Guard, can play Tackle too.  He is mobile, powerful, had long arms, and excellent feet.  Plays with solid intensity and can finish blocks.  One of the premier linemen on the West Coast.

A leader on and off the field and proven entity.

OFFERS:  University Of Washington Commit –  Others Colorado, Oregon State, Utah, PSU, Wyoming


Max Rich – 6'7"- 315 Pounds- OT –  

A big mobile and flexible kid who has the ability to flex through the hips and explode.  many feel he is just starting to come into his own and play his best football!  YIKES!  That is one hell of a linemen.  

One of the biggest kids around and his stock keeps rising.  And Academic All American Kid.

OFFERS:  WSU, YALE, PSU, North Dakota, PSU, Wyoming


AJ Glass- 6'0"- 195 Pounds RB-ATH

AJ has been a two year stud and went over 2,000 yards each year in offense.  Deceptively fast but one of the best lateral movement guys around.  AJ has soft hands, knows how to finish runs, and how to win.  He is back after missing a big chunk of the season with a busted clavicle.

One of the most reliable and proven backs in the NW with big play ability every time he touches the ball.

OFFERS: Dartmouth and Yale – Others lookings close PSU,  WSU, Boise State, TCU, Nevada, Colorado


Dominic Baldocchi- 6'2"- 265 Pounds OL/DL

Dom is one of the most experienced guys on the team and is getting it done every single down up front.  He loves to battle and is really getting going now that the State Title is within site.

A leader with the ability to maintain poise and win games!

No Offers Yet- Schools looking include Big Sky and Ivy Leagues plus others.


Juniors and Sophs


Joey Alfieri- 6'3"- 225 Pounds – FB/LB/ATH –

One of the premier players anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.  His first offer was a good one and we expect many more.  Last week he powered his way to 4 TD"s, 110 yards rushing, 73 yards Receiving, and was a force on defense which is where this guys shines.  

Power, Size, Speed, and more to boot.

Offers- Oregon State Others close- Arizona, Oregon, Nebraska, UW, WSU, UCLA, Arizona State


Henry Mondeaux – 6'4"- 245 Pounds – TE/DE/ATH

Used as a blocker he is finally getting he football.  Soft hands, a huge frame, and the ability to our run and over run defenses makes him a problem.  Henry is going to be big time.

Was a convincing player on O and D and one of the finest athlete we have seen anywhere this season.

Offers- Oregon State – Other Include- Oregon, Boise State, UW, WSU, Stanford, UCLA etc

Trent Werner- 6'1"-190 Pounds – DB/WR

Trent is another rising star.  Was injured right at the top of his game this season but made it back.  Now he is breaking up passes and catching them.  INTENSE- Fun to watch- Play maker.

Watch for him to battle this week with Strahm and crew from Sheldon.

No Offer Yet-


Christian Martinek- 6'4"- 230 Pounds – DE/ATH

This kid is a D1 Baseball guy and he could get drafted.  He is really that very good.  He is a special athlete and will be big factor Saturday.  If he can pressure Taylor Allie in addition to pinning Down his edge on Defense he can be the difference maker in the game.  He is really capable of so many things and can play QB/RB/WR too.

Mobility, Power, Smarts- All Trade marks for this guy.

Offers-  For Baseball he has several D1 options with OSU and Oregon both in the hunt.  Football it appears will could happen for him but with his 90 Plus MPH Fast Ball and skills on the Diamond this is more about winning a State Title and having fun it appears.  How great is that.


Chase Morrison – 5'10"- 180 Pounds – Sophomore

Chase got his shot when Glass went down and cracked off game after game with 200 plus yards from the RB spot.  This guy showed brilliance and speed to burn.  He is very fast and with some work on the Track and in the off season he may have what it takes to go all the way.

Speed,  Hands, Feet, and ability to finish runs.

No Offers Yet – This is a matter of time now.

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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