Isaiah Brandt-Sims Legitimately Fastest Kid In The West

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Saturday, January 19th, 2013

He is so fast he may win 4 years in a row at the 100 and 200 Meters leaving behind and untouched legacy.

He is so fast he may win 4 years in a row at the 100 and 200 Meters leaving behind and untouched legacy.

Boosting a skill players recruitment is always tough.  Because so many kids are trying to get to the highest levels of college football there is only so much a guy can do to stand out.  In the end there are hundreds if not thousands of top rated High School athletes trying to make it through as a slot, Running back, wide receiver or defensive back.

To make it all the way you have to have the entire resume of skill, stats, physical size, and you better have speed.  For a few rare kids who go really big they have the legitimate speed it takes to become the best.

Speed is the single biggest asset on the football field and in the world of Collegiate recruitment it is the #1 asset you need to “Go-Big” as they say.   One Junior heading to college for the Class of 2014 from the Evergreen State has it and has repeatedly documented it under the most intense scrutiny.

Isaiah Brandt Sims 405_Snapseed

At 5’11”- 185 pounds Isaiah Brandt-Sims is becoming a star with National Cache as the Nations Fastest Indoor Sprinter so far this Year.

We are talking about Wenatchee High School Star Athlete Isaiah Brandt-Sims.

His recent trip to the US Army All American National Combine established that.   Out of 515 of the Nation’s best 2014 prospects Isaiah was #5 over all in the 40 yard dash.  The event used highly accurate laser timers and they are notorious for making kids slower then they think they are.

Not so in his case where he held up under indisputable conditions.   Remember most kids talk about their hand-time speed.  Not laser time.  And those timers are much tougher then a stop watch.   Having a 4.45 laser is the same as running a 4.2 on a good stop watch.

Isaiah also turned in a tie for 6th place in the 20 Yard Pro Agility Shuttle and a top 20 score in the Vertical Leap.  All combined he was one of the top 3 or 4 guys at the event when measured by his physical skills.

With offers in hand from SMU and Wyoming he already knows he is going to college on a scholarship.  His accolades and accomplishments on the football field have been such that his future is fairly certain there.  He has played Running Back, Slot, Wide Receiver, and Defensive Back.

But something happened the week after he got back.  Last weekend he went to WSU for an Indoor Invitational Track Meet.  The 3 time State Champion in the 100 and 200 Meters is a hot commodity on the Track.  Well do not expect that to change any time soon.

In the 60 Meter Indoor Event at WSU Isaiah ran a 6.77 second blast.  That folks was .02 off the meet record which includes all the college sprinters in the event.  And it was the best indoor time in the Nation this year.  And it is only January.

That sort of a 60 Meter time equates to running a 10.2 to 10.4 100 Meter.  He is tracking to be in the State Record range right now.  And in the event he beat all of the college sprinters there by a good margin.

“It was great to see my speed continue to improve,” said Isaiah as we spoke.  “I know I have more room to improve but for January this was really good.”

Last year in February O’Dea High School speedster Tatum Taylor ran a 6.79 at the UW in the same race and he went on to run a 10.35 in the 10o Meters and was the 3 A State Champ.  Taylor now holds a handful of offers for football and is getting looked at for Track.

Both kids join Oregon’s Thomas Tyner as the fastest in the West.  All 3 can dream of  Olympic Gold potentially.  And all three are skill players on the football field.

Speed.  It is the one asset that most kids wanting to go all the way do not have.  And yet it is the thing many fail to train for preferring to attend camps and combines.   If your a skill player and are not training to improve your speed your not approaching the recruiting process right.

For Brandt-Sims the Army National Combine performance and his Indoor Track record will resonate with the big Pac 12 schools.  Looking at a 5’11”-185 pound Muscular kid with a classic sprinters frame is going to get them interested.  And the facts are he has legitimate speed almost unequaled in the Nation and has produced Film to show he is among the best kids in the Class of 2014.

“WSU, ASU, and North Carolina are all looking to offer me for Track.  So are a number of other schools.  So that is something I am looking at.  There is a possibility that in the end Track may lead me somewhere for college,” added Isaiah saying that his options are open.

Then there is football.

“I love the game and want to do both if I can.  Oregon is in touch, as are UCLA, Oregon State, Stanford,  and Notre Dame and they are all more football but with Track as an option.”

Isaiah with his Mom Tracy in San Antonio.  One of the growing number of Moms taking a strong hand in their kids recruitment!

Isaiah with his Mom Tracy in San Antonio. One of the growing number of Moms taking a strong hand in their kids recruitment!

He is a relaxed kid.  His mother Tracy Brandt-Sims is a Wenatchee area Lawyer and a former athlete herself and she is great at helping to advise here sons.  Something we have mentioned must happen.  So you Moms step up for your kids too.

“I need to see how Track season goes.  I think I can be a very good running back at the Pac 12 level and still get work down on the Track.  I also need to look at academics and my future as an athlete and what might carry me further,” he said pondering.

Isaiah has won the Washington State 4A 100 and 200 for 2 Seasons in a row and is approaching his 3rd.  That will be something to see.  His best 100 Meter time as a blazing 10.60.  Not quite as fast as hie pal Tatum Taylor but potentially the two may meet this year.

“We never raced last season.  He is in a different Division but I think we may see each other 3 times this year and so that will be awesome.  We will battle it out believe me and that will be so fun.”

Speed.  Speed. Speed.

It’s not everything but like the saying goes it is damn near the only thing for these kids trying to make it to the upper crust of College football and Track.

And Isaiah Brandt-Sims has legitimized himself as the guys to beat this season and a guy for colleges to come after hard in the next few months.

Here is a Great Story form 2012 we wrote on Tatum Taylor

and here is a story On Thomas Tyner and how Fast he really can be from 2011

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