Henry Roberts Lands UW Verbal At Junior Day

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013

When you think of High School Football in the Pacific Northwest and ask anyone who is the very best your going to get one resounding answer.  Bellevue….The Wolverines.

A Ten Time State Champion in Washington’s 3 A Division in the last 12 years this team is known Nationally.  The Wolverines are the unstoppable force that took themselves to the Nation’s #1 Ranking at the end of this past season.   From the Coaches to the players, the boosters to the fans, and everything in between they have been awe inspiring.

One of the top Sophomores in the State of Washington is Bellevue High School Linemen Henry Roberts.

One of the top Sophomores in the State of Washington is Bellevue High School Linemen Henry Roberts.

We feature a lot of their players here at NWPR because when you break down the talent for what it is they are consistently among the regions best.  Each class features not 1 or 2 but usually 4 or 5 Division 1 kids.  And this upcoming squad is no different.

Budda Baker is perhaps the biggest recruit Bellevue has ever seen (30 plus offers and Top 50 in the Nation) and he will lead the team and the region this season.  Other prospects like Defensive Tackle Marcus Griffin (6’3″-290 lbs) have offers, and guys like Morgan Richey (OL), Shane Bowman (DL),  and Timmy Haehl (QB) are gathering some serious interest.

One guy we watched at the 2012 State Championship game was 6’6.5″ – 260 lbs Offensive Linemen Henry Roberts.  While he did not play that much because he was only a Sophomore he looked very solid when he did.  In following up with him this off season we were pleased to hear he gained an offer from the UW Huskies at a Junior Day tour.

The offer was a verbal one which is all a school can give a youngster like Roberts but it was a solid expression by the Dawgs that the want him to stay home and play for them.  We went over a few things with Henry and have that interview for you here.

WP:  Henry your only a 10th grader.  So this offer had to be a shocker sort of.  What was your reaction?

Henry:  I was stunned.  It was almost like a dream came true.

WP:  Who gave you the offer?

Henry:  Coach Sark offered me.

WP:  If we asked you to name 5 Dream Colleges you would love to play for who would they be?

Henry:  USC, Stanford, Washington, Washington State, and Oregon.

WP:  Henry your a big guy and your pass the “Look Test”.  But your a solid linemen too in terms of skill.  What would you rate your best aspect as a player?  What is an area you know your going to improve at?

Henry:   The thing I think I have best is my motor.  The person I line up against may be bigger and or stronger but I won’t quit and will give my all every play.   As far as improvement I have to work on staying lower.  I have to be the lowest person on the field.   If I can get low that will help so much. That is one thing I am going to work on.

WP:  Henry last question.  What is the best part about playing football for Bellevue High School?

Henry:  The best thing about playing for Bellevue is the coaching.  The coaching is hard but if you just give maximum effort you will get much better.  The love and passion the Bellevue coaches have is incredible!

WP:  Henry congrats and we sure look forward to seeing you play and improve.

Henry:  Thank you guys.   I look forward to staying in touch!

This is one solid prospect for the 2015 class and we look forward to watching him improve and grow as a student – athlete.

#52 is Henry Roberts of Bellevue High School who has an offer from the UW already.

#52 is Henry Roberts of Bellevue High School who has an offer from the UW already.

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