Griffin Hare A Big Back On A Mission At Gonzaga Prep

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

  The Playoffs are here you all.  And we are ready to roll.  We know most of the kids and teams Up and down I-5 From California to Canada and we made some better and better connections this season from The Big Island all the way to Boise.  But there is always more to do.

So today we look in on the 4A powerhouse that is Gonzaga Prep and go a little deeper with their top Offensive Threat.  A kid named Griffin Hare.    The 4A Bull Pups finished up the regular season and play-in game with a record of 9-1 and are a top rated squad.  Still the Media Bias leads most attention to the Western side of the Cascades.

At 1 PM this Saturday GP will take one a tough Union Squad from Vancouver and that is no easy task.  These two teams are going to clash as they look for respect for their portions of the State.  Check Out All The Brackets Right Here:

Griffin has almost 1500 yards and 15 TD's on the season and is coming off a commanding game of 252 yards and 3 TD's in the win over Chiawana 55-28.  The kid is a stud in the Option game and solid on defense.  And look at these schools coming after him.  That 3.88 Pro Agility Shuttle is world class and so is his GPA!

Join us as we talk with Griffin Hare In The 2 Minute Drill.


  Griffin Hare
School and Class:
  School: Gonzaga Preparatory School

Graduation Year: 2013

Phone and EMail
  On Request
Height – Weight- Speed – Strength
  Height: 6'0"

Weight: 185

40 Time: 4.55

Shuttle: 3.88

Vert: 32

ON: Is there any recent news on the Collegiate front? Have you been contacted by any schools via phone, email, mail, text, or Facebook etc?
  University of Pensylvania
Harvard Universtiy
Princeton University
Columbia University
Yale University
University of Montana
University of Puget Sound
Washington State University
Lewis and Clark College
Montana Tech University
University of California
Portlan State University
ON: How is the Season Going so far for you and the Team?
  The season is going really well so far. We are 9-1 and the number one seed coming out of the Greater Spokane League. We have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs until the semi-finals. Our team ended the regular season with the number one ranked offense and number three ranked defense. While we run a diverse option running attack on offense that allows for as many as 4 rushers, I have still been able to have a solid season. I lead the league in rushing and second in scoring with 1,435 yards on 154 carries and 15 touchdowns.
What Position(s) are you playing this season?
  Running Back and Corner Back
ON: Are you happy with your progress?
  My strengths as an athlete would be my work ethic.  I work as hard as I possibly can whether it is in the weight room or on the football field. I am extremely self-motivated and do not need any ulterior motives to play the game. Another strength that I have is my ability to run hard and make people miss. I have improved as an athlete at these points by working hard every day to better those strengths and many others.
On: What is your favorite part of the Football season?
  My favorite part of the football season is the playoffs. This is when it is the most competitve and I enjoy always facing a worthy opponent each week. Every team you face is going to be playing in that game for the same reason you are so I like how our team always brings their best effort.
In a year from now what do you want to look back on and remember about this season that is just ahead?
  In a year from now I want to look back on and remember that I did everything in my power to benefit the team in every way I could.
Name some guys who you have been impressed with on your team? Any surprises or young guys standing out?
  Some guys that I have been impressed with is my offensive line.  Four out of the five of them have never started in a varsity football game in their lives but they came out this season like they were three year starters.  I owe all my accomplishments to them and do not ever take them for granted.  I have also been very impressed with the defense this year. They created so many turnovers giving our offense all the opportunities that we needed. Without the defense playing so well our offense would not have been so successful.
ON: Why should a college recruit you when there are so many kids out there? What sets you apart?
  What sets me apart from other recruits is my ability to work hard and try my hardest to get to that next level. I am willing to put in the time and ready for the commitment that it takes to thrive at the college level. I will do whatever it takes to beat someone in the weight room or on the football field. I am extremely competitive and will do whatever it takes to win.

This is another intelligent kid out of Gonzaga Prep.  The Bull Pups have quite a Squad this season and we will not be surprised at all here at NWPR – to see them go deep or even all the way.  Griffin Hare is One really great kid!

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