Championship Rises From Love For A Brother

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

On the football field Fife High School Junior Monike Sarte (aka Monike Failuga) is a known entity.   One of the purest forms of raw emotion and energy the Region has seen in a few years, this big powerhouse kid flat out gets it done.

At 6'2"- and 305 lbs Monike Stare is now the Heavy Weight Wrestling Champ of Washington and an imposing opponent on the football field!

At 6’2″- and 305 lbs Monike Stare is now the Heavy Weight Wrestling Champ of Washington and an imposing opponent on the football field!

At 6’2″ and 285 lbs Monike is imposing.  He is wide, thick, and totally explosive.  His hips and calves make up a total package of quick twitch muscles highly sought after in defensive linemen.  On the slightest movement of the ball this guy is a run and  a pass rusher of the highest order.

Our belief is that he is headed for the Division 1 ranks somewhere between the Big Sky, Mountain West, and Pac 12 level.  A lot of that will not be up to him.  He will begin the pre-season after Track as a top rated Defensive Linemen and he is an excellent offensive linemen too.  His height and skill set however will have him playing on the other side of the ball.

This past week he took another sport all the way to the Championship Podium and was crowned a champion of the heavyweight Division in the WIAA Washington State Wrestling Championships.  So we caught up to Sarte to ask him about this latest development.

Here is what he had to say and in this we found a story of brotherly love:


NWPR:   Monike we saw you won the Championship.  Is that right?

Monike:  Yes I did; 3-2 in Overtime.  It was a real close one.

NWPR:  And who did you beat?

Monike:   Othello’s Bubba Ruiz.   He kept running from me when we were at 2-2 so he got called for stalling and gave me one point.

NWPR:  And how did that feel when you realized you had won?

Monike:  It felt amazing and it means everything to me as a fife athlete to do so representing my school and most of all my family.

Monike Sarte and his Brother Clifton as youngsters.

Monike Sarte and his Brother Clifton as youngsters.

NWPR:  I see on your FB Page a picture of you what looks like a bunch of brothers or cousins and you guys had all cut your hair short, like a buzz cut?  Is that your family?

Monike:  Yes it is.  And my Brother is currently fighting cancer and me and my cousins decide to cut our hair because he was losing his!

NWPR:  Oh wow I did not know that.  How is your brother now?

Monike:   He’s doing great!  He is the reason I made it this far.  I dedicated my season to him fighting this sickness and they said his cancer is shrinking.

NWPR:  That is a real blessing.  Wow.  What is your brothers name and how old is he?

Monike:   He is 18 and his name is Cliffton Sarte.

NWPR:  Did your brother play football like you?

Monike:  Yes he played and although he is not as big as me he is a tough son of a buck and he pushed me everyday.


How has this terrible thing changed your perspective on life ?

Monike:   It really hasn’t because I have faith that he’ll beat this so I try and act as if nothing is different around him.

NWPR:  OK now let’s talk a little about football Mr. State Heavy Weight Champ.  How much are you weighing right now? You look amazing.  Will you play a little lighter this season maybe?

Monike:  Yes I will!  I weighed around 325 lbs last year but I intend on weighing around 295 next season.

NWPR:  Your so solid.  You look like your about 265 now.

Monike:  No I am right at 285 lbs.

NWPR:  Terrific.  Good for you.  So recruiting wise who is looking at you or texting you etc?

Monike:  UW, WSU, EWU, OSU, UO, Boise, And ASU.

NWPR:  How are you grades?

Monike:   Pretty good.  I missed a fair amount of school due to being at the hospital a lot but I plan to land a 3.5 next term!


hich side of the ball is better for you?  Defense? And what is next for you now that your a Champ? Track?  Weight room?

Monike:   I like defense better but I’m getting looked at by EWU mostly for Guard and I haven’t decided on whether I’m doing track this year.   I might just focus on my grades.  In the weight room  but my main lifts are my squat and dead lift.

NWPR:  What are your Personal Bests on those lifts?

Monike:  Squat-595lbs.  Deadlift-635lbs.

NWPR:  Holy Smokes.  Those are Huge Numbers.  So considering all this why are you a top prospect?  What are the things a school should know about you when considering you as a prospect?

Monike:   I’m willing to work and I very coachable.  That is what I’m told often by my coaches.  In addition I play for the love of the sport!

NWPR:  And what are you looking for in a school?

Monike:   I don’t keep my eye out for a certain college.  If it’s a  free education I’m taking it as long as I get to continue doing what I love at the next level.  I’m fine with any college offer.

NWPR:  Monike your a great talent, a hard worker, and one of the best brothers a guy could ask for.  Anyone you want to thank or anything we left out?

Monike:   I think we covered it.  I would like to thank my parents.  They have made me who I am today!

NWPR:  Ok we got you.  Thanks again and let’s stay in touch often as your recruitment unfolds.

Monike:  You Bet Dirk.  Thank you!

A serious opposing linemen for anyone at any level  to handle; that's Monike Sarte #74.

A serious opposing linemen for anyone at any level to handle; that’s Monike Sarte #74.


Yet another Top athlete from Washington we will continue to monitor and stay in touch with as the next few months  unfold.  This guy is the real deal.

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