Dre Milton Of Lakes Best Option For Colleges Needing A Back

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Signing Day started with a bang and we hit 100 guys at least from Oregon and Washington who went on to D1- or D1AA.  At least another 100 moved on to make it to other levels and found a home, a chance to play, and a way to get their school paid for.

Dominic "Dre" Milton is a top recruit still looking for a home and we believe he can play at any level!

Dominic “Dre” Milton is a top recruit still looking for a home and we believe he can play at any level!

In the Wake of that juggernaut however there are some big time talented kids who have not found the right fit.   Good lord are there some great prospects.  If you have been paying attention NWPR has stayed on message and sent out these kids information to every college in the Nation through our Best Of The Rest Campaign which you can view right here.

A standout running back and linebacker on our list is Dre Milton.  The 5’10”-215 lb speedster is a force of nature.  This guy has the lethal combo of speed, power, and low pad level.  And we don’t want to hear the cry we are hearing from recruiting services and supposed football insiders that there is “no place for a big back / full back anymore”.  That is silly.

Watch Dre’s film right here  and try and convince me your could A) catch him and B) stop him if you did catch him.  That is also silly.  The kid is a powerhouse.

Milton is a classic big back and showed off his running and his pass catching abilities at the NW Elite Sports Football Camp ( aka Gesser Camp) last Summer (follow this link to get to camp this summer as this is the premier event next to Nike NFTC).    He stood out and we had him going to the Big Sky level; if not higher.

His film shows off the ability to run out of the shotgun spread offense and under center.  It is unquestionably one of the great films we have seen this season.  He just does it all really well.

The root of the slower recruitment may be the stats he put up which were good but not what they could have been.  The Lancers split time between he and Kevin Thompson in a 1-2 punch that gave each of the collegiate level kids a shot.  At any smaller or less “blessed” school talent wise Milton and Thompson both would be 2,000 yard prospects.

Also the Pacific NW is usually overlooked for Running Backs.  The presumption is that better prospects who are faster are plentiful in “Texas and California”…blah, blah, blah.

This is why we see him as a real find.  He is not the only one.  Look at our list.  But if a school wanted a full qualifier who can come in, play early, and help them both sides of the ball and in the red zone this guy is your man!

We just can not say enough good things about this respectful hard working kid that personifies the Lakes Lancers football program and the teachings of Coach Dave Miller and his staff.

Watch his film and we have his contact info if any of you Coaches or schools need it.  He is one of the Best Of The Rest as we see him.  And we have a decade of history calling them pretty right on.  Whatever that is worth.



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Dirk is a lifelong resident of the Pacific NW; athlete and Merit scholar. He runs camps, clinics, and has been a sports writer and analyst for nearly a decade now; mostly with Rivals.com as the editor of OregonPreps and WashingtonPreps.com. Dirk is the founder of NWPR & BrainChampions.org; a charity for injured athletes suffering from Brain Trauma / Concussion. He is a father of three and married.

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