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Devante Downs Is A Cal Bear

Devante Downs, the massive RB from Mountlake Terrace, is a Cal Bear now. The 6’2.5″- 225 lb All American Nominee had 15 plus offers and today he has only 1 choice!

Devante Downs Is A Cal Bear

We are having Web site issues.  Sorry for that.  But that will not stop us form sharing the breaking news that Devante Downs, the massive RB from Mountlake Terrace, is a Cal Bear now.  The 6’2.5″- 225 lb All American Nominee had 15 plus offers and today he has only 1 choice!

4 Star Devante Downs is now a Cal Bear!

4 Star Devante Downs is now a Cal Bear!

He called as we were posting that and we talked about this big move:

WashingtonPreps-  Devante why Cal?

Downs-  Dirk it was pretty clear.  I always wanted to be a student at Cal.  The programs they have in Chemistry are amazing- top notch.  And I want to be a Pharmacist and this is the place to be for that.

WashingtonPreps-  What else led to this decision today>?

Downs-  So the Coaching staff is new and when I have visited there before I was just not sure about who all would be there and the Staff.  But since that time we have really been able to get to know the Coaches and their backgrounds and I will say this.  They are perfect for me and some of the best in the business!   I know I will be a very good running back in their offense.

WashingtonPreps-  Ok so let’s talk about the injury we heard about.  Is your ACL torn?

Downs-  Yes.  It happened at the OSU camp as I was pushing off to cut and avoid a tackle.   It was strange because it did not really even hurt but I lost the strength so we knew something was wrong.  The good news is I have been told I only damaged the ACL and nothing else.  So it’s been a couple weeks and I am already back to walking and doing rehab and all.

WashingtonPreps- Wow that’s great!  What happens next?  Is High School Football over for you?

Downs-  Yes unfortunately it is.  At this point it is going to be all about rehabilitation and I am going to be Coaching our guys too.  I will be a big part of the team and the season ahead.  Someone else is going to get their shot and this is just the way it has to be.

WashingtonPreps-  Does Cal want you to graduate early?

Downs-  Yes they do.  So I am graduating at the end of the year and then signing my Letter of Intent and enrolling at Cal in January.  This will let me get to know the systems, the team, and the school really well and get adjusted to college academics and life.  I am really excited for that.

WashingtonPreps-  I guess the outcome could have been different but this is a blessing too a little?

Downs-  Yes it is in a way.  Now I know where I am going, what I need to do, and it is a feeling of relief to be able to move ahead with 110% confidence I am going to be fine and just as good as before the injury.

WashingtonPreps –  Who do you credit for helping you the most through this process?

Downs-  My Mom and Dad.  They have always been there and have been great at helping me get through these best choices for me!

Awesome stuff!  Another great NW stud is off the board and we have been happy to cover him since he was just a 9th grader!  This is what we wish could happen for all kids in terms of a collegiate outcome.  The injury is a sad but not tragic end to the story of Devante Downs HS Career!

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