Devante Downs Film Is Going To Heat Him Way Up

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2012

I remember the first time we saw Keivarae Russell's film.  It was after his Sophomore and Junior Year and we all sort of knew he was a baller.  But his film was posted out onto the Network from  And we knew it was great.  Others agreed and Coaches and Recruiters around the Nation jumped on the film.

It was the one thing Russell needed to do to turn himself into a National Recruit from a Regional One.  And Keivarae would be the first to tell you that is the truth.  Now he followed that with a great showing at The Opening and some other Camps but that was the break through event for him.  That is why he is at Notre Dame and had 20 Major schools that wanted him.

Film is King.  And another guy just posted a piece of film that I will predict here tonight will send him into Overdrive on the National Recruiting Scene.  And it verifies the fact that Devante Downs has a place on the Collegiate Grid Iron as a D-1 Back.  

The Film link here is to his 2012 Junior Year Film that he just polished off.  This is a 6'3"-230 Pound plus Running Back out running the opposing defenses this season and imposing himself on dozens of defenders.  He runs over linebackers, Safeties, and Corners like used Kleenex.

And he has little trouble getting past some pretty solid defensive linemen too.

Guys You Have To Have Film!  And with Hudl it is easier then ever.  Put your best stuff rigth up front.  Make it hard hitting, fast paced, and short.  Get it out even if it is only 2 minutes.  This is the new era we are in!

Not since LaGarrette Blount have we seen a back this size move like this.  And he is only going to get faster as he progresses.

We nominated him to the Army All American Combine and that is coming up in early January.  That should put him on the biggest stage in the Nation.  Then he can gage himself against the Nations best and get feedback.  That will be a chance for him to be seen by the Top Media Analysts in the Nation.  We think once the "Back East" Media Boys see him he will get a real boost.  But who knows.


"I worked as hard as I could this season.  And once I started rolling I just kept building on that," said Downs.  "It was a fun year but we all wish we could have gone further."

He ended the 2012 Season with:

1,271 Yards

23 Touchdowns

7.5 Yards Per Carry Average

First Team All League Running Back

First Team All League Line Backer

Utah and Washington have offered the 235 Pound bruiser and he has a host of big time schools moving in.  Michigan and Nebraska are in as are Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Washington State, Boise State, and Wisconsin.  And there are going to be many others.

He runs a 4.7 40 time and is a very good student!  This is a young man we love watching play and that you can bet we will be in close contact with over the next 12 months.  He looks to be a 10-20 offer guy if we are projecting and that is something we are not to shabby at .


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