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Huskies Move On Shelton Stud David Ajamu

David Ajamu, the 6’4″-240 pound Senior from small town Shelton, Washington went from unknown prospect to hot prospect that day. And he has not looked back.

At the OSU full contact camp he impressed with his abilities and was offered by the Beaver’s

Huskies Move On Shelton Stud David Ajamu

He was the fastest rising player we saw in the off season.  At the Northwest Elite Football Camp run by Cole Morgan and Eddie Behringer which attracted 700 plus athletes this Summer he walked off an MVP despite competing with the more well known Tight End prospects.  He would attract an offer from Wyoming at that camp and land his first chance to play college ball.

David Ajamu, the 6'4"-240 pound Senior from small town Shelton, Washington went from unknown prospect to hot prospect that day.  And he has not looked back.

At the OSU full contact camp he impressed with his abilities and was offered by the Beaver's shortly thereafter breaking immediately into the Pac 12.  Press followed and people began to talk about David and his fast rise. 

"It was crazy this Summer you know.  I went out there not really knowing how I fit in or projected really," said Ajamu.  "So to have those offers I was really happy."

OSU uses the Tight End in many ways and would use him as an H – Back splitting him out wide and putting him in a position to use his size and speed.  That and the amazing Coaching staff at OSU gave him a great feeling so David verbally committed to the Beavers.

He and his team, The High Climbers, went on to have a solid season and finished at 7-3 during the early rounds of the playoffs.  David improved his skills and became a complete player in many ways.

"We run that power game and my main job is to block that edge.  I am pretty good at that by now," he said smiling and judging by the number of punishing Pancakes he laid out there is no doubt that he is right.

"This season I kept working on my hands.  Anytime I had extra I was catching balls, working on one handed catches, and all the patterns and footwork I needed to improve," he added.  "That I feel helped a lot."

This past week he released his Hudl Highlight Film.  The one thing any recruit trying to move ahead to college needs to be doing.  And it was really good stuff.

What a guy like David never knows is who else might be watching and monitoring him.  Well last night he found out in a big way.

"I went to the UW game last night as a recruit and we were done there and Coach Thomas (Joel Thomas) came up to me and said hello and told me Coach Sark wanted to speak to me.  So I went to talk to him and he said they had sen my highlights and been keeping an eye on me.  Then he said he wanted to let me know himself they ere offering me a scholarship to play for the UW," said David.  "It came out real quick and it hit me like "Wow" you know."

He sat and watched the game with a crowd of 60,000 plus fanatical Dawg supporters and had a lot of thinking to do.  He was impressed too and as he watched Austin Seferian-Jenkins play he rolled over in his mind the possibilities.

"The staff at UW believes I have a similar skill set as Austin and I keep hearing that from other people.  That is a huge honor you know and I am getting to know Austin a bit personally.  So I was watching the game for sure but the whole time I kept thinking about the offer too."

Now what to do.  Being from the Puget Sound of course he is a Husky fan.  He says his blood is not Purple and Gold or anything but he is a fan.  How could he not be.  And he has some decisions to make.  Right now he has a verbal to OSU and this offer to play for the UW.  Frankly as good as Ajamu is and can be it is out view he could attract offers form most of the Pac 12 and beyond.  His ability to run and catch as well as block all stems form an angular and explosive frame that is muscular and long.  Any college strength trainer would diagram his frame as the perfect building block form which to build an All League guy.

So on to the decision.

"Right now the best thing I can do is talk with Family and friends and really rationalize things.  It seems like the best thing to do is make a pros and cons list and take my time to go over it all with the family and my Coaches here.  Then I will know what is right for me.  Whoever win I guess wins," he said thoughtfully stressing that OSU is still his verbal choice.

This is where recruiting gets tough and that Verbal gets in the way a bit.  Love it or hate it that is just a verbal statement of intent and is always tempered with a "but" or an "unless" for both the colleges and and the kids.

Ajamu and his High Climbers had a good year but he wishes it could have lasted a bit longer.  The team was successful and he enjoyed his Senior year very much he said.

The Huskies are great at recruiting and in that emotionally charged atmosphere made their move.  And for sure they were watching him the entire time.  That film just helped them seal the deal.  And we all know that Austin Seferian-Jenkins is gone to the NFL after next season.  That is just a formality at this point it seems.

"Coach Thomas feels that I would have a chance to get onto the field early once Austin is gone.  And that is attractive too.  I have a lot to think about know for sure," he concluded.

A great kid.  A great talent.  And a tribute to what can happen for our local guys right here in the Northwest regardless of where they come from.

Catch David's Game Highlights Right Here

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