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2012 Oregon And Washington Football Playoff Sweepstakes

Terms and Conditions:  3 People Total will win 1 prize each.  There are three prizes available as listed.  To win you have to post one of the items mentioned below onto our Fb Wall at NorthwestPrepReport.  You may post once a day.  At the end of the contest a blind random draw will be taken ou of all those who posted. 3 Seperate Winners will be announced.  NWPR staff and families not allowed to win.  This contest is for fun and there is not cost nor obligation to participants nor to NWPR and its Staff.  There is no gambling nor element therof to this.  Merely a participation contest with random winners drawn from those entering the contest.  Have Fun!  Not offered by the OSAA or WIAA and or affiliated.  We support them and want you all to go to as many games as you can and get behind everything these great groups are doing!

[wpsweepstakes id='2048' mid='37246' width='810' height='650']

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