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by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Lakes had a little bit of an off year.  It was a weird year really because they played some outstanding football and then seemed to sputter.  But overall it was another solid season.  Why they had to play O'Dea so early in a Play-In Game is still a matter of debate but that game ended 28-25 and the Lancers went home for the season.

Much earlier then they had planned.  Still it was a year of growth and of preparation for the 2013 Season.  

After all they graduated two All Americans in Cedric Dozier (Cal) and Zach Banner (USC) and a host of other top talent too.  That meant this season was the year for the Underclassmen to fill in the gaps.  

According to stand out Junior Athlete Caleb Lyons that was Mission Accomplished.

"We were basically a new team in a lot of ways.  We had to find our own chemistry and overcome a lot of adversity.  We did those things and by the end of the year we all were feeling so great about how far we came," said Lyons who is 5'9"-170 pounds. "I know a lot of guys were humbled this season and maybe that was a good thing."

Lyons had about 400 yards receiving and 3 TD's.  He added 128 yards rushing and 3 more TD's and showed some serious speed and flashes of brilliance out there.   He also had 628 yards in Kick returns and 3 More TD's.  Overall he went for 1,145 yards All Purpose and his statement was clear.

He is a baller.  Caleb has swagger and says he wants the team to win it all next season.

"I am glad we have so many young guys too.  We came together in a big way and we all know the talent we have coming back is going to be excellent.  Guys are working and training so hard already for next season and we have a purpose to get Lakes back on top.  And we all know we can too," he said as plainly as can be.

He may be used in the same way that Cedric Dozier was his Junior Season.  QB and Slot. He was the Lakes QB at the Frosh and JV levels.  Using his top end speed and ability to make plays in all situations makes the most sense.  And to help the team succeed.  One of the things that Dave Miller does really well as the Head Coach.  He and his staff develop options and packages to fit various situations and opponents. 

He will probably be the featured guy in kick return and a starting corner too.

"Anywhere I am needed I will play.  Heck I would play linemen if I would help the team," he said laughing.

Next up for Caleb is his Speed and Agility work and strength training and then in the Spring Track where he plans to join the Lancers as a sprinter this season.  They are always a fast bunch and fun to watch too.

Where does he shine on the football field?

"On the field for me?  Well I am going to say my heart.  I am not out there for me at all.  I am only there to help my team and that is all I think about," he said.

From a skill perspective in the tangible set he offered, "My vision and my quickness.  Those things are my assets."

He wants to get faster and will work on that but feels he is a 4.5 40 time or faster now. His film shoes that as well.

He is from a Military Family like many of the boys from Lakewood, Washington and finds time to help his Dad Sean Coach.

'The Little Lancers!  Yes sir that is great and the kids are so fun to work with.  So I am pretty involved there and volunteer as much as I can."

So being a young guy in the program did he get a chance to work with Banner and Dozier and that great Senior Class?

"Yes I did. They left a real impression.  And Cedric is always touching base encouraging me and checking in on us guys.  It's really great to know a guy like that cares and came through these same locker rooms and hallways.  That is an inspiration for me and all of us," concluded Lyons.

Here is Caleb Lyons Junior Film.  It show cases the many skills he has to bring to the table with the Lancers 2013 squad.

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