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Breaking News: Isaac Dotson Lands WSU Offer

Breaking News: Isaac Dotson Lands WSU Offer

It was a fore gone conclusion that a Divison 1 Pac 12 offer would fall.  It was just a matter of time.  At least in the minds of many insiders.  Talent like that which Isaac Dotson has does not go unnoticed.  So tonight when he let us know that the Washington State Cougars had made an offer to him we were not really surprised.  Happy news for sure for the outstanding Student Athlete from Newport High School.

We went for some Q and A and here is what was said:

WP:  How Did The Offer Happen from WSU:

Isaac:  I saw that I had a missed call from Eric Russell so I called him back and he let me know that they want to offer me as an athlete, and it could change to QB but they are not sure yet. They still need to see more of me in person. Nonetheless, they want me a part of their program!

​WP: How do you feel about the Mike Leach era at WSU and what are your impressions of them:

​Isaac: I met the new staff in March and I am a big fan of Coach Leach and the whole staff. I'm confident that I could be successful in his system and maybe add a run dimension to the offense.

​WP: That is awesome. You have three offers from the D-1AA Level and now this offer which is Pac 12. How does that feel Isaac?

​Isaac: It feels amazing that WSU is my first pac 12 offer because my Mom went there, my Dad wrestled there, my sister Stephanie just graduated from there in April, and my sister Chanel will be starting there this fall. I've always been a Coug since I was a little kid.

​WP: Wow so that could be a great fit indeed. What is next? Is there another school on the verge perhaps?

​Isaac: I worked out with Jason Gesser last Thursday, and I'm pretty sure Idaho is getting pretty close to offering. Also, Coach Kiesau and Coach Nansen from UW were at my practice today and they want to get me on campus to do a workout.

​WP: Awesome. Thanks for taking the time so late to let our readers know what is happening. Awesome stuff and congrats on such a big offer!

​Isaac: Thank You

Dotson brings his offer total to 4 now and given his considerable talents that will only rise.

Here is a link to Isaac Dotson's Film from 2011.


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