Brayden Kearsley Could Go To The Highest Levels- Domination On Film

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

29 Pancakes.  More then most Offensive Linemen will have in a Career.  

The really good ones can acheive that in a Season.  To finish off an opposing defensive player in such dominating fashion that his cleats leave the ground and he is up ended and trying to figure out what hit him.

For an offensive tackle this is Pay Dirt.  To do it you have to have superior technique, terrific strength, and some serious energy moving through your hips.  The key to becoming a great offensive linemen.

We have always known Brayden Kearsley as a brute force.  He is a 3 year starter at Tackle on offense and defense and at 6'5"- 300 Pounds he has all you could want in a big time linemen.   His US Army All American Game nomination was legit.  His 10 major offers is even more so.   

He holds 6 PAC 12 Offers and more are coming in.  And even though he has a verbal solid commit to the BYU Cougars he has left the door open and stated that he will take his officials and he has been really open that he is looking at BYU and OSU in that order.

Now we helped him wrap up some film tonight as we are long time friends.  And when your doing that work you watch closer and closer. When we first watched this 4:45 minutes we knew it was good.  But we had to watch it again and again to really take in what it represented.

This is all 1 game from October 2012 in which Kearsley and his Warriors played the Tough Sunset Apollos; a Playoff team.  And as we watched we had to count the Pancakes.

Not 2 or 5 or 10 or even 15.  We counted 29 Pancakes in this one game.  In one of the most dominating performances we have seen we counted them and loved everyone.  You are going to be hard pressed to ever find this type of One game effort.

"That was a pretty good game.  Maybe the best one this year," said Kearsley.  "But there have been others where I was close to that."

He has the size, the skill set, the toughness, and man is he Punishing.

In fact we have a knack for Nick-Names and Brayden is now known as "The Punisher" around our offices.  That has a really fitting sound to it!

There is no reason that schools like USC, Auburn, LSU, Alabama, and Notre Dame would not want in on this guy.  And if this film gets out after tonight all of that is possible.

But Brayden is well grounded and will likely stay the course and pick a school off his list as mentioned.

Still he has lobbied for a 4th Star and rightfully so.  That is to be decided in December and it will happen if has any say in it.

Watch it!  Enjoy it!  And if your an aspiring O-Linemen try and emulate this.  Because this is how you make it to the big time like Brayden is doing.

WOW.  Just…..WOW!




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