Bellarmine’s Calvin Chandler Lands Third Service Academy And More

by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Calvin Chandler is as talented of an athlete as you will find in the Pacific Northwest this season.  The 6'2.5"-215 Pound Hybrid Safety-OLB and WR is right on track where he wanted to be for his Senior year.  With a 4-1 record and a solid team the Lions are rallying and getting better every week and he is one of the standouts.

This past week he landed an offer from West Point -Army which completes the set of Military Academies as Air Force and Navy have offered him previously.  Add Wyoming to that and he has 4 solid options for his Collegiate future.  And there will likely be more.

We caught up to Calvin tonight just to see how he was doing with all of this and had a good Q and A Session with him.  The 3.93 student is always a great interview.  Here is what we went over:


WP: Tell Us about Your last couple of offers Calvin.

CC:   I just got an offer from Army which was amazing.  Just before that I received an offer from the Air Force Academy. With Air Force I had been in steady communication with Coach Rudzinksi, the outside linebacker coach all summer long.  A couple nights ago however I got a call from Coach Thiessen, the O coordinator, and after awhile he told me that he thought I was the perfect player for their program and that he wanted to offer me to play football for them next year. They said they see me on either the offensive or defensive side but their first instinct is to have me play outside line backer.

WP:  So who else is locked in and watching you at this point do you think?

CC:   I'm still hearing a lot from some local Pac 12 schools such as the UW, WSU, Colorado, Stanford, Oregon State and Utah.  I'm also in constant communication with schools in the Ivy league and Big Sky as well. 

WP:  OK what about the Lions?  How is the season so far?

CC:   I couldn't be more excited for this season. We played a tough Peninsula team and won 38-14 in the opener.  I was really impressed with our overall play as a team, and how our 1st year guys started stepped up big for us. Our team has been practicing and playing with a lot of energy, focus and unity.  We still have lots of things to improve upon and get better.  The team is 4-1 and 2-0 in League now.

WP:  What is your current Height and Weight and how are you feeling personally about the play your bringing onto the field this season?

CC:   I am currently 6-2, 215 pounds and would say my play has improved a lot this year. I have been able to gain a lot of muscle mass while at the same time improving upon my speed and quickness. I am just the type of guy who loves to compete and get better each and every day in any way that I can. I'm willing to do anything to help the team and to be a leader for them on and off the field.  I am most proud of my leadership skills.  That is an area I have really stepped it up this season on and off the field.  As a team captain I need to lead and am doing that pretty well I feel.

WP:  Where are you going to fit best at the Collegiate level?  Offense or Defense?

CC:  Well I am playing safety and headed to 220 pounds and getting faster.  Wyoming is still saying they have a receiver spot open for me.  The other 3 are saying that I would be a hybrid Safety and OLB in a Nickel package.  So I am not sure.  Either way I will contribute and they are all wanting to see what I have to offer after I commit.  So I am totally open.

WP:  One of your best friends is Isaiah Flynn who was a highly touted Running Back and would have been your star guy in the backfield this season.  He decided not to play for his own reasons and is focusing on Basketball.  What is that like having the team without him?

CC:  It has been tough.  We all felt he should've been with us and he needed to follow his own path.  We're all great friends and respected what he did.  And we have had guys step up to take on the challenge.  A Junior, Lou Millie, has stepped up huge for us at the running back spot.  He has been a slot , Safety, OLB as well.  Now he is carrying the ball like 20 to 30 times a game and does a great job of running down hill.  He has been awesome!

WP:  And your QB Sefo Liufau, the Colorado Recruit, is having a nice year too.  How about him?

CC:  He is a great guy to have on your team.  He is so poised and so efficient and such a good leader. He has been having a lot of fun…heck we all have.  So we are all just really happy and excited for the rest of the year.

WP:  These Military Academies are all recognizing you as one of the best of the best and the degree is a huge thing.  But so is the Military aspect to it.   Have you grappled with that yet?

CC:  Yes I have somewhat.  The Military aspect is something I need to come to gripes with.  This is a Huge Honor.  A life changing degree and career.  But at the same time a huge committment for life.  So I am 100% open to it and when the season ends my family and I will talk over it all and I will handle it the right way with a lot of careful consideration.

WP:  Calvin Chandler thanks and congrats on all the great offers and success you and the Bellarmine Prep Lions are having,

CC:  Thanks to you guys for all your doing to support our NW Athletes and covering us too.

Catch Calvin's 2012 Film below.  It is GOOD STUFF!




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  1. Dirk Knudsen says:

    This is a really good kid right here! The definition of the word Blue Chip!

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