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Premier Prospects Form -- OLD

Premier Prospects- Are you ready to have your information, film, and or athletic efforts looked at by the #1 analysts in the Region? Are you ready to put our site and our thousands of readers to work for you to supercharge your recruiting? Our staff will do just that. Simply fill out the attached form and hit submit. The Premier Prospect program allows our staff to review your film, collect links to your social media and news stories, your coaches info and your other profiles on the web, and bring them all together in one super professional presentation that is DESIGNED FOR YOU to use and get recruited. This process will take our staff about 2 hours. Therefore we must charge a one time $99 fee for that. It is out belief that this and the NWPR Exclusive Coaches List email program (which you will be included in) will bring you exposure worth many times what we must charge. Our time alone is not even covered by this fee. This information will be shared with every Head College Coach in America for Football as well as with top media analysts from and other National sites and services who may use it to call you and complete a profile sheet as well; that is at their discretion. There are no refunds for the purchase you are making and no promises that this will cause you to have any particular success in making it to college nor placement on any of our Top athlete lists. Those are only made on an evaluation of the talent and film once it is reviewed. Nothing can replace grades, athletic ability, and hard work. But this is going to assure you of a great start and that you have our full attention which in the NW is worth much more then the cost we are asking to be covered. If you have a sponsor for the placement who will cover your costs they will receive an ad banner on your profile as long as you are with us as a Premier Prospect. Call Dirk at 503-799-8383 should you have any questions or need help with a sponsor. This is not a recruiting service but rather a recruiting tool which you are paying for placement in. The Premier Prospect Program is unique to NWPR and a cooperative service of K2 Sportsand it's trusted affiliates.
  • Your Personal and Contact Info

    All About you and how we can reach you?
  • We need a number for you to allow Coaches to Reach you.
  • Who did you last play for?
  • What year are you graduating?
  • IF NO ONE IS YET PUT NO ONE: But Read -This is important- A letter, a phone call, a text, or a FB message is important. That is a recruiting event. You need to list out anyone you have contacted or who has contacted you where there is some activity. That will get things going.
  • Offers are going to be Verbal before September of your Junior Year and written after that. We want to know any and all! If You Have None right None or None Yet!
  • We need some way to reach your coach and get his name and # please. DO YOUR BEST BUT DON'T GET HUNG UP ON THIS
  • Go to Your FB Home Page and cut and paste the link in the address bar (Highlight the URL address and hold down the CTRL Key and tap V) - Let Go and the in this space Box and hold down CTRL Key and Tap C
  • If you Tweet Give the the Twitter account!! (Highlight the URL address and hold down the CTRL Key and tap V) - Let Go and the in this space Box and hold down CTRL Key and Tap C
  • HUDL is preferred but if not it's cool- What do you have?
  • We need a home address for you; ZIP Required Please
  • Who do you live with that is your legal guardian(s)
  • Need a number for your Guardian(s)
  • Ok so here please list your best 40 yd time, vertical, 20 yard shuttle (3 cone shuttle), Broad Jump, Power Ball toss, Bench Max, Bench Max Reps at 185 pounds, Squat Max, Power Clean, Etc. Be as complete as you can be but if you don't know please do not worry; just do your best to give us some data on you.
  • So all sorts of guys have stats and awards. Just let us know what your most proud of...what are the good points that we would want to bring out about you to collegiate coaches, on the media packet we are giving out, and during the broadcast.
  • Tell us what your #1 skill is as a football player. That can be mental or physical. And then tell us what is the one thing you can improve on that will make you more complete and even better?
  • Academic info about you

  • Please list your GPA, Any special course work you have been taking, Any SAT or ACT scores you have in already. Give us the best about yourself and again we will use this for final consideration and we will disclose this carefully as needed only if it will benefit you. Do not be shy. Tell us where you are at!
  • Who are you when your not Playing Football?

  • There is a lot more then just being a Football Player we should know about you. We want to know what else you are doing, what makes you a good selection for the Bowl? Tell us about your other sports, family, work in your community, and or about something you are working towards and any special hobbies or activities you pursue.
  • Very simple- If you have film on you tube of yourself playing football or running or anything like another sport and want it included cut and past that link here - Highlight the Link, hold down the Ctrl Key and Hit V at the same time to Copy and Ctrl and V to paste it into the box below! Thanks
  • Add Your Link here to any other Recruiting Profile you have!
  • We 100% need to know if you or your family are or have hired any person or any company, website, or agency or if anyone is advising you about getting to college. We need to know this as a way for us to #1 be aware of that fact and #2 coordinate with them as needed. You must truthfully answer this and the information will not be shared outside our staff. If there is None just write "NA"
  • If you have a story or stories add that link here.
  • Add another link to any page or website where there is more helpful information up on you!
  • Price: $99.00
    Your payment will assure your information as you submit it is placed into the NWPR Database of Prospective Athletes for your class and position. This will include Expert Comments by our staff after review of your stats and film and your information will be listed in the Head College Coaches Mailing we do once per quarter. This does not assure ranking in our Top 10, Top 50, or Top 100. It does include adjustments to your profile 2 times in the calender year after your sign up. This is not a guarantee or a college scholarship- not a recruiting advisory service- but is a subscription to our site for placement in the Premier Prospects database. No refunds are offered after purchase. $99 per year from the date you sign up! Athletes already with offers may be extended a premier placement at a lower or no cost as a way to add benefit to our coaches lists which benefits all parties. Some athletes with economic hardship verified by a parent or Coach may be extended profiles; all at the discretion of the site administration from K2 Sports and it's affiliates.
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