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This is a big and wonderful Region of the USA and among the many things we enjoy here are High School sports.  NWPR is the place to follow stories on a variety of athletes from Oregon, Washington, and our growing audience in Montana and Idaho too.

The Northwest Prep Report is a corroborative website designed to give you easy access to everything Northwest Prep!

This is not our Network but YOUR Network!  With the leadership of  OregonPreps.com, WashingtonPreps.com, (both Rivals.com affiliates run by editor Dirk Knudsen) and the affiliate backing of Washington Sports Network,  Greater St. Helens League Football,  Statewide Stats.com, Blue Chip Sports Video, the Human Highlight, Kent Photo Survey, and a host of others you will find everything you need in one conversant place.

You Can Reach our lead Editor Dirk Knudsen at 503-799-8383 anytime with questions, suggestions, or for partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

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  1. Prep Football Fan says:

    The links on your website to Oregon Best’s 2013 and Washington Best’s 2013 recruits are not working. You are directed to a non-existent page.

    • Dirk Knudsen says:

      Thanks For The Post! Yup they were busted and linked to the old site! This was a huge help.
      Go check them and see if they are coming up for you all now! Again thanks for looking out and let us know if you wish to contribute in anyway to the NWPR or what we are doing over here.


      Dirk Knudsen; Editor

  2. david says:

    Hi Dirk, I was checking out your NW Prospect List. Find it hard to believe Josh Wright from Skyline was left off the list. He was a position MVP at Bellevue and Issaquah Combines. Most recently he tested off the chart with a 4.74 40 dash, 9.0 Broad Jump, and 4.59 Shuttle. He definitely deserves some ink.

    • northwestprepreport says:

      The combine results were not published anywhere so there is no way I could have known. Beyond that were those official measurements? The 40 should be a laser to be considered accurate. His number are all solid but not “off the charts” and please realize that combines mean nothing to me and they do not matter one but to College Coaches. They are for bragging rights and for kids and parents to have a chance to attend an event to gauge the guys that are out their trying to beat them to college! His size is somewhere between a linebacker and a speed rush Defensive end so he is a little hard to place as to where he will fit best. I am appreciative of you reaching out and being a Dad of 3 players I know I would be working as hard as you are to get him noticed. Was he at the Camp last Friday at Mercer Island? Was he at the Nike Camp Sunday or has he competed at any camps? I certainly think based on his film; which I reviewed the entire thing– that he is a collegiate level player at some level. As I have posted before you parents letting me know is a big part of how I am able to do this work which takes 20-40 hours a week– and not be paid for it. I try my best! He sounds like a great student-Athlete and I am happy to give him full considerations as you have requested! Thanks David for reaching out!

      Best regards;


  3. dirkknudsen says:

    I see a lot of great changes coming here!

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