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by Dirk Knudsen | Posted on Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

We were back on the recruiting trail heavy this week as Christmas creeps closer and closer.   Some more good news from around the Region today in our Second Major Summary of the week.  Let’s have a look at some of the best news this past week.

MIke Ralston

Big Mike Ralston moved to Sheldon this season and landed himself a Championship ring and a couple of College offers in the meantime.


Mike Ralston – Sheldon 6’4″- 250 Pounds

Mike came into the post season with an offer from Northern Colorado and PSU and went on to help the Irish win a State Championship.

Now he has landed Montana to go along with those great schools.

He is one of the top Defensive Ends in the West and showed great skill and toughness going into the post season.

Congrats to Mike on the Grizzlies offer and here is his film for those of you wanting to see the big man work and get his defensive and offensive game going.  Watch Mike Ralston’s Film Here


At 6'5" and 295 POunds Matthew Sommer is a terrific talent worth a serious look by any school.

At 6’5″ and 295 Pounds Matthew Sommer is a terrific talent worth a serious look by any school.

Matthew Sommer- West Salem HS- 6’5″- 295 Pounds Linemen

Matt Sommer is one of the finest linemen in the Pacific Northwest.  He proved that against several of the best teams in the State of Oregon and rarely was beaten on either side of the ball.

It is hard to see what he might be missing that is keeping him out of the Pac 12 so far but he sure has all the skills and credentials a guy could want.    He added Idaho to a long list of Big Sky level suitors.

Matt is a terrific student athlete from the always tough West Salem Titan’s program led by Head Coach Shawn Stanley who has rated Sommer as one of the best he has seen in High School.  Congratulations to Matthew Sommer.

Catch Matthew Sommer’s Hudl Film Here



Micah Breland Foster High School Linebacker

Micah Breland of Foster High School lands his first offer this week and one of the best Students in the region!

Micah Breland- Foster High School- 6’2″- 215 Pounds

Micah Breland is another top athlete in the Region.  The Foster HS stud LB/RB/ATH can do it all.  He has great lateral motion and his length sets him up well as a pass defender among other things.

The 3.65 Student Athlete landed an offer From the Idaho State Bengals and was feeling good about it.  But in this environment of Coaches being let go the Coach there lasted only a year and is now gone.  So Micah is waiting to see what is happening there now.

” I have visited one school, Wheaton College.  I am looking to play somewhere and I have been playing basketball hitting the weights and I am ASB President back at my high school.   I am sending my information to different coaches and recruiting coordinators and have got some interest from the Big Sky conference schools  and some other D-1AA schools.  Right now I am just looking for more opportunities,” offered Breland.

A better prospect and all around Blue Chip kid would be hard to find.  Micah has always impressed us in every way.

Catch Micah’s Film Right Here



Michael Carlson is explosive and as good of an athlete as your going to find.  He holds multiple offers now.

Michael Carlson is explosive and as good of an athlete as your going to find. He holds multiple offers now.

  Michael Carlson- Bellevue HS- Safety

Big Mike is a serious athlete.  Now the Bellevue proven entity sits on one more offer adding Idaho into the mix.

The best Safety in the Region by most accounts he is a born football player.  We have covered Michael several times in the past and our very happy to hear he has one more option.  We still see PAC 12 or Mountain West schools swooping in on this guy before it is all over.

Congrats Michael.  WATCH HIS FILM HERE


Look for More updates on more and more student athletes from the Pacific Northwest.  And if you have news or want us to give some love or cover your Favorite HS Prospect fill out the info below and send it in.

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